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September 5, 2022: No Fair

Today was the last day of the 2022 Alaska State Fair. The past two days saw (I’m sure) record crowds because the sun was shining brightly. Both days I went in early and dropped off books. I didn’t stay long because I was concerned about traffic tie-ups.

I also had another reason, and this was because I figured something out three nights ago. The recycling center’s purpose in having a booth at the fair is to promote recycling. It’s not to promote the Bright Lights Book Project. And so, my efforts, which

Three mares

involve going directly up to people, mainly mothers with strollers, did, I think, detract from the recycling center staff’s efforts.

I think that we parted company with 15 boxes of children’s books, and then more books at the Mat-Su College cabin and the Eckert Garden.

Another vision (I’m getting up there with Our Lady of Lourdes) and this relates to next year’s Alaska State Fair. I would like to have a booth at the fair, and sell Alaskana books, and give away kid’s books. I suppose if I am to do this, I ought to get going on this soon.

I went to the Meeting House after dropping off books at the fair. I sorted through books that came in over the weekend, and I put the kids’ books on the table for cleaning tomorrow. I also set aside the art books for a school in New York. When I was done, it appeared as though there was room for additional books.

A woman was to pick up 10 boxes of books and a bookcase at 5 p.m. at the Meeting House this evening. She called and rescheduled for Wednesday. At first I was a touch annoyed, but then I realized that her putting in an appearance on the rescheduled day was even better because it meant that I did not have to (later) make a return trip to the Meeting House.

So I instead came home and got the animals out. I took Tinni for his daily walk, and then the dogs for their walk. I then first rode Hrimmi and then rode Tyra.

Pete arrived home from his sea kayaking trip to Seward as I was putting the saddle on the mare. I was so distracted that I forgot to put the girth on the saddle, this is why the saddle fell off 200 or so yard from the house.

Tinni is still coughing. Pete and I realized (at the same time) that his secluded stall (which is situated between the two hay sheds) might be a source of mold. So we put up a few gates and put him next to the mares, in his own shelter.

Another long day shot to hell.

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