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September 2, 2022: Nada

I spent a good portion of my day, actually the best portion of my day, with my horses. It was blowsy, sunny, there was a nip in the air. (I write this in hopes that someday, when I return to read this dispatch, that I’ll remember this particular day.)

I first took Tinni out, walked him around the loop. He waited to cough until we were coming back up the driveway. Well, at least his cough is now more sporadic. Same old same old in the hood.

Yesterday, when I was walking Tinni, this kid who was maybe about six years old ran up behind us, startling Tinni. His haircut made him look like Mo of the three stooges. The oddest thing of all was that though it was cold and wet out, he wasn’t wearing any shoes. He was, like a hobbit, flat footed.

We were on the upper loop road – he cut down at Kirby’s place, back to his own place. His family is hanging out in a school bus. It is as though history is repeating itself – many years back a mother and her brood of eight routinely came here for the Fair season. This year, the mother and her brood of eight and grandchildren have decided to put in an appearance.

Pretty strange, that kid. Also strange, seven young dogs being raised in a small pen – now they have a pallet palace. Also strange, another neighbor riding his ATV with his dog running alongside. Also strange, a neighbor’s driveway excavation project. He must have been absent when the kids in school made roads with trucks in sandboxes. He obviously didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing.

Other horses – same trails, horses bored. All attempting to get at the last of the summer’s forage. Me, grabbing at high bush cranberries. More strangeness, no this is insanity. I was on Hrimmi, nearing the Murphy Road trailhead when Hrimmi suddenly stopped and turned her head in the direction of the road. I then heard what she heard, ATV type vehicles.

I saw them, three of them, turning onto the trail. I got off Hrimmi and sneered as they, one by one, hit the deep mud hard, tipped slightly to the right, and continued up trail.

I’ve seen individual vehicles go through the mud, but never three at a time. And never so fast. What most bothers me is that they were doing what they were doing with total disregard for other trail users.

I read about activists who take on causes – and have been thinking that getting these idiots off the trails should be my cause. It isn’t as though I’m attempting to save a rain forest (which is a larger but equally worthy endeavor), I’m just wanting for the trails to be preserved so that they can be used by hikers and horseback riders. I haven’t a clue as to how to go about this. I guess the first step is going to be to find out if the land is owned by the Borough or the state.

Something has to be done. And I guess I’m going to have to be the one to do it.

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