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August 19, 2022: Day #2: Congdon Creek Campground

Becky and I were supposed to cross the American/Canadian border near Dawson City, Yukon Territory, this after driving the Top of the World Highway. However, while staying in Tok, at the Woodstove Campground (I kid you not about the name), we were told by Wolfram, a German long-distance motorcycle trekker, that the Dawson City Ferry was, because it was being repaired, not in service. The kindly woman behind the desk at the Tok Visitor Center verified this.

Becky in Kluane region

What to do? We decided that rather than head directly to Dawson, to instead go to Kluane Lake, YT and do some hiking there. So this is how we ended up at the Congdon Creek Campground. Been there, done that, Pete and I stayed here a few times before, stashing our ponies in the woods, inside the high powered electric fence, which is the area where campers are protected from bears. An interesting switch, to be sure.

The weather is identical to when Pete and I were here – sunny, a little breezy, the lake calm with no waves.

I had previously thought that maybe Pete and I might ride the horses around Kluane Lake. A short walk disabused me of this notion. The sand gravel mix would be very hard on their tendons.

There is no cellphone reception here (I wonder if this has deterred other U.S. tourists from heading in this direction), so I’m not going to know for some time what Zach Kaiser, our veterinarian, thinks might be wrong with Tinni.

It was a good drive here. Becky and I passed the time by talking about a variety of topics. Like my friend Jacki, she’s also a nibbler. I’m not a nibbler, but if a bag of snacks is within striking distance, I eat. Eating as one travels is a novelty to me, but one that I will be able to embrace for the next two weeks.

This day’s travel with Becky was a reminder to me – we think that we know someone after being around them a brief period of time. However, ours is a surface knowledge. For example, I have learned many things about my travelling/hiking partner, an individual who I had spent some time with. For example, today we stopped at a gas station in the Yukon, and as Becky was filling the tank, she struck up an acquaintance with an older man who was wearing bib overalls. Turns out tha,t like her, he was also from Minnesota. Tears came to her eyes as she told me that he reminded her of her father.

Further talk revealed that Becky grew up on a farm where her mother raised chickens, which when they were done laying, were sent off to the Campbell’s soup company and put in cans. I also learned that Becky is a very experienced backpacker, having done major hikes in Australia, South America, and Nepal.

And she learned that I’m a car camper. Will wonders ever cease.

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