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August 14, 2022: Home Sweet Home

On the days in which I don’t have to go anyplace, I am struck by the fact that I seem to have more time to get things done. I know why this is. Commuting is analogous to empty calories. There is the sense that because you are going someplace, that you are making good use of time. This is reverse logic. You are not making good use of time because all you are doing, in fact all you can do, is anticipate what you’ll be doing when you get to your final destination.

Alys at the Vagabond Blues fiction bookcase

I had a lot to do here today – I wish I had more at home days. In taking on the BLBP and following my so-called vision, I have lost sight of something. I no longer have: my mornings free to write, and I am spending less time with my horses. I haven’t done any agility training with my horses in over a year.

But today, I did get Tinni out for a walk, and I did ride Hrimmi and Raudi. Pete rode Tyra when I rode Raudi. It was sprinkling a bit – had it been a heavy downpour, I still would have gone for a ride. The horses were glad to get out – and now that there is less leafy green stuff, they are all doing better at keeping their minds on the task at hand.

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to limit work on the book project to three- four days a week. It’s appearing as though we’ll be in the same place all winter, so I won’t be as efficient as I’d like. However, the location is excellent, so I have nothing to complain about.

On the home front – Tinni seemed out of it and was coughing some, so I cleaned out one of the three hay sheds – this way he’ll have no access to moldy hay. This was a gross, nasty, horrific job – there are not enough adjectives to describe it. The rain had seeped under pallets on the hayshed floor, and some of the bales had gone bad. Now, if I had gone to town, this task would not have gotten done.

I also cleaned the goat pen – they spend more time inside when the weathers inclement, and their staying inside means that their environs are more soiled than they would be if they were lying about in the sun. Now if I had gone to town, this task would not have gotten done.

My friend Becky also came over for a visit – later this week we are going on a road trip. We got our documentation in order for our Canadian border crossing. You fill out an online application and send it in, with fingers crossed that you dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s. It appears as though my Covid card won’t scan so I am going to have to go to the Native Health Center and get a copy that has darker lettering.

There aren’t going to be any at home days for a while. This is just going to make the days I do have at home seem more valuable.

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