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August 7, 2022: More about Rain

And so, when I got up this morning the sun was shining, not brightly, but it was visible. At breakfast we have conferences of sort; together Pete, I figure out what we have to get done, individually and separately. Then we either individually or separately act upon what we have decided. Sometimes one or the other or both of us deviate from what we have planned, but not as often as one might think.

Rainbow getting a Hrimmi hoof snack

Today we decided to get a horseback ride in before it rained. Pete first cleaned the kitchen and I finished up the chores, which included milking Swampy. We then went for a ride. He rode Tyra and I rode Hrimmi on all our trails. We did come down Jim’s Road (it is no longer Jim’s trail) and we viewed the devastation. What was once a trail is now widened into a road, taking out a good number of trailside trees and brush.

We rode up to the upper property and looked around. My guess is that the area that previously was inaccessible is going to remain inaccessible because the ground is sodden and doesn’t have a solid base.

I next got Tinni out and did the more dry walk around the loop. We have neighbors that have decided to raise puppies – they have seven of them in a small chain link fenced in area. An igloo doghouse is taking up most of the space. I wonder if they are going to build individual dog houses for these dogs.

After getting Tinni situated, I got Raudi out – we had a good ride. It was now 1 p.m. and sprinkling. Fun, to canter through the brush in what I call the “back forty.” We take this route because downed branches and tree limbs now block the parallel section of Peaches Trail

The rain started coming down really hard right as I was putting Raudi back in her pen. I wasn’t wearing raingear – I’d decided to chance it – so I raced up to the house. In the time in between running from the horse pen to the house, the wind picked up. It was like being in the tropics except for the fact that it was a cold rain.

I priced some books for next Saturday’s Co-op for a Cause; then, (good timing) my friend Becky arrived. The plan was, and we followed through with it, to talk about our upcoming trip to the Yukon. I hadn’t had time to give this trip much thought – today it came to the forefront of my consciousness. It will be a welcome break (or so I’m told) from my ongoing book project work.

I do of course wish that this was going to be a horse trek – maybe next year.

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