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August 5, 2022: Tally Ho

You don’t have to be a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
            Bob Dylan

Sometimes it’s good to get what you wish for. I hoped that it would rain today, had heard that there was a 100 percent chance, so the odds were good that I’d get what I hoped for. Kudos to Mother Nature. Kudos to the weather people. Kudos to Bob Dylan.

The above is a line from a song by Bob Dylan. There was in the US in the 1960s and 1970s a group of individuals called the Weathermen -- they were an offshoot of Students for a Democratic society. What Dylan was getting at here was that they were not the only ones who knew that Vietnam War was an unethical war, but as well, many others did too.

Picking up books at VCRS

History is repeating itself, although the central characters of this story don’t seem as near strident as the original characters.

Today the wind wasn’t blowing, but the water was pouring out of the sky. Again, I was pleased because I needed for this to occur. The original plan was (as I said in previous dispatches) to have two Spring Flings, one taking place at the Palmer Museum and one taking place on Spring Fling row, the BLBP booth being located between the corndog and the funnel cake booths.

I made it clear to the other volunteers that I wanted no part of the booth that was to be set up on Spring Fling Row. I did not, when at the museum booth, venture into the Spring Fling Row booth. The crowds and the terrible foods were a deterrent. Okay, I once went onto the row and talked with cartoonist Chad Carpenter. Just once.

I did say that I’d occupy the Museum booth today, while others occupied the Spring Fling Row booth. I wasn’t up for this because I had so much to do book-wise. By 10 a.m., the time I arrived at the Meeting House, it was pouring. I may have wavered otherwise. As it was, I needed what I got, a day to get some stuff done at the Meeting House.

I got 10 boxes of books ready to send to New York. As I was doing this, I got an email from Trish, the English teacher at Bishop Gibbons in Albany, NY, wondering if we might not set up a pen pal exchange between Bishop Gibbons and an Alaskan school. Bingo, I thought – this is just what we needed, an Alaska-NY link. Now we got it. I now have to get the books in shipping boxes.

I also sorted and categorized the books for next weekend’s Co-op with a Cause in Anchorage. I now have kid, young adult, adult, and Alaskana books almost ready to go. I still need to price the Alaska books.

I was not alone today. Pete, Milena, Milena’s kids, the knitpickers, and my friend Hilary all spent time in the Meeting House.

It was a wonderful time. The rain did ease up some during the day, but then it picked up again. Kudos to the rain Gods.

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