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August 3, 2022: What now?

It was sort of a not-so-productive day; okay, it was a non-productive day. Then again, my non-productive days may be more productive than most. And what does it matter? Productive or not, we all end up in the same place, wherever that may be.

Heaven is here on earth. Some may wake and have a rude awakening, being told that they (so to speak) missed the bus. And the bus is a double decker, with an incredible view from the top.

Alys with new shelves at meetin house

I did manage to get Raudi out for a short ride this morning – and I had a great time. We did Peaches Loop then Siggi’s Trail. The sun was shining brightly, and it was not yet too hot. It did get hot later on. Pete noted that it was 80 degrees, I guess this is hot for us. I can’t imagine and don’t want to experience 100 degree temperatures. It’s supposed to rain in the next few days.

If when I got Raudi, I could see into the future, I would have been pleased to know that we’d end up having a good working relationship. She had a mind of her own from the very beginning – she still does. I remember her being all of 400 pounds and dragging me all over Moose Creek Ranch. Then she developed the habit of getting away from me. But we matured together, and I think we now enjoy being in one another’s company.

It's hard for me to believe that Raudi will be twenty years old in a few months. She’s now the age that Tinni was when we got him – and I thought that he was old. But I think that Tinni led a harder life than Raudi.

I have my fingers crossed that next year I’ll be able to do a lengthy trail ride on her. I have two regrets, the first is that she never got to have a foal (it’s too late now), and the second is that I’ve only done two long treks on her.

And this summer has been a real bust. In this respect, the book project has not been worth it.

Today I cleaned books with a volunteer then hung out at the Meeting House until early evening, when there was a two-hour board meeting. It would not have gone that long, but people got side-tracked. I surmised that all the peripheral talking was a good thing – everyone feels as though they have something of worth to say, and feel free to say it.

The BLBP volunteers are supposed to participate in two events on Friday, the real Friday Fling and the one at the museum. Now if it rains, we can call the one at the museum a no-show. But we are supposed to attend the one in the general area, be it raining or snowing. I’m orchestrating the happenings at the no show booth. I want it to rain because I’d very much like to have Friday off.

So well, I’ve changed my mind. It was somewhat of a productive day.

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