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July 31, 2022: Jim’s Legacy

I am now driving our neighbor Jim’s Subaru Outback Legacy. I don’t know if he’d have wanted me to have it, most likely he would have shrugged and said, “sure, take it.”

And so, the SAAB story is over. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Pete got the insurance changed over to the Subaru and swapped out the license plate – it of course reads “DGNPNY.”

The Subaru has more miles than the SAAB, but it seems to be in decent shape. It has (unlike the SAAB) automatic windows and side view mirrors, and a horn. I drove it the day before yesterday and yesterday. It runs and handles well, but there are some quirky things about it, the most notable being that it is difficult to shift from second to third gear. The other gears are minding their manners.

Jim left a lot of junk in the car. I cleaned it out. I kept his tool kit and two dark green army blankets. I have already learned that I need to make sure and roll up the windows at night – Pete had to remove a seat and carpet and swab it out. Poor Pete.

It has as much room in the back as the SAAB does – I can also toss the cardboard boxes behind the driver’s seat.

Yes, this is Jim’s Legacy, but so far no one has figured the significance of this statement. Tonight I signed the bill of sale, so now Jim and I are joined at the hip.

Oh, it’s white and has white spots where someone touched it up.

Going to get an “I go where I’m towed” bumper sticker.

The legacy is my fifth car. There was the blue Chevelle, the mustard colored Toyota, the Swift, the SAAB, and now this.

I’d rather be riding my bicycle, but it’s too far around here between places.

I keep forgetting that soon enough, it will be winter, and I’ll be unable to go very far. I can’t drive in the dark.

The Subaru is a 1991 model – this is a good thing. My friend Bea Adler remarked that she would never own a car that is smarter than she is. By this she means by virtue of having all the bells and whistles, she or whoever is driving it does not have to think about what they’re doing. No pun intended, but the car is then on automatic.

I did not drive the Subaru today and won’t drive it tomorrow. Instead, today I rode horses. This then, is what’s keeping me sane. Right now, gas prices are really high, but the price of hay is even higher.

I wish everyone would give up on cars and trucks and start riding horses.

I did check out our trail system today – Jim’s trail is all torn up - -someone must have taken a bulldozer and just knocked the trees down and back into the brush.

There is nothing I can do about any of this now.

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