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July 25, 2022: Scrambled Eggs for Brains

Could be. Some days it feels like I do have scrambled eggs for brains. On such days, I accept this analogy – it’s still an analogy, and I either trundle along or lay low.

I can no longer subtract numbers. I can no longer remember mundane events that occurred yesterday. I can no longer remember the names of people immediately after meeting them. I often, in writing these dispatches, have to scroll back up to the title in order to remember what it is. I’ve always had these deficiencies; now they are worse. That which was always difficult is now impossible.


I do remember the dates of most upcoming events – I refuse to rely on cellphone calendars, and minimally on paper calendars. This is because I believe that a reliance upon such things (as I have heard said) “dims the facilities.” Har har.

Now I have a list of books for a school in New York State. The BLBP stash is not as well organized as I’d like it to be because we don’t have the proper space needed to organize books. But I have a vague idea where many of the requested books might be. There are approximately three boxes of requested books. I can easily provide them with one box. Good for starters. Outgoing books are happy books.

I keep envisioning the new BLBP facility. It is bright, not dim – with shelving and labelled boxes. Today I envisioned going through the boxes and pulling forth the requisite books. It is going to be a while before my vision comes to light because others involved in this project have other priorities. This is my priority, and I must add, I have made it Pete’s priority.

Astute man, that Pete.

Today he worked on the procedure manual that I’m giving out to volunteers tomorrow and Wednesday. He also placed the logo on it that I drew up. He printed up a spread sheet with volunteer times for Friday Fling. He printed up the liability waivers.

Helpful man, that Pete.

As Pete often says, “your projects become my projects.” At least he didn’t jump on my idea, to purchase Jim’s place and fix it up and turn it into an air b and b. I know that he would have enjoyed doing this – but of course, we have not been getting what needs to be done here, done.

We eat well here – I suspect that if we did not, that by now, the mental shit would have hit the fan. In a given day we eat our own honey, dairy products, fruit, bagels, greens, and eggs. I often look at a meal and say “this contains our own . . .”

We have a lot of lettuce. We should eat more of it. My mother used to say, “eat your food; there are children starving in China.” I then had no idea what she was getting at. If I now had kids, I’d say to them “eat your food, there are children starving in. . . .”

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