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July 21, 2022: The Bright Lights Book Project: Introspection

You haven’t written about the Bright Lights Book Project in the second person for some time – you are still not able to articulate the reason why. Most likely it is that you felt the need to distance yourself emotionally.

It still feels as though you are dealing with a house of cards, but as the days go on, less so. There is an underlying element of stability to it; that element is most likely the queen of hearts. So you, who clearly are the one in charge, continue to salvage, sort, categorize, clean, and distribute books locally and state-wide.

You also encourage others to do the same. And others, who lack your obsessive drive, continue to do what they can; albeit, at a much slower pace than you would like. As of late, your common refrain has been, “I want a building and I want it now.”

You are happy, just so long as there are building-related options, and people who seemingly humor you on.

As of today – Pete, your very significant other, has finally got a draft done of the possible building site – it is a very simple drawing, reflective of a simple ideal, which is a 24 x 36 foot building, with just one room. Everything, with the exception of electricity and heat, is available in the Meeting House. So we don’t need a kitchen, running water, a toilet, a washer and a drier, a shower, or any other amenities. However, Pete is mulling over having these things in place.

Today, you had lunch with a friend who was talking to another friend who had an epiphanous moment. He told this friend that we should contact Greenstreet, a building moving company, and ask them if they might have a building on-site that we might have.

You began seeing the possibilities tonight, when you went to the Greenstreet website, and looked at the videos and photos of buildings being moved. Unreal – there is a photo of a condo, with two stories and three residences being taken elsewhere.

How, you wonder, do people get these sorts of companies going? And how do they deal with the seemingly impossible aspects of getting buildings from one place to another? And have they ever had a building in transit fall off a trailer?

Questions here are clearly begetting questions.

And, no pun intended, wheels in your head are turning. If we can find a suitable building and get a foundation in, we could have Greenstreet move it. And with their assistance, we could have a building in place well before winter.

It’s a mystery to you why finding a project site and project building has become such a difficult task. Yes, there are few places available in Palmer. However, it ought not be that onerous.

The moving force behind this particular endeavor (no pun intended) is Pete, who like you, believes in the project and at the same time sees that finding a building has to be a priority. Build it and they will come. It is your mantra.

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