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July 18, 2022: Marker Days

These are days in which there are to be important upcoming events. Keep it in mind, I think, this particular date because this is going to happen. There are significant and insignificant marker days. Today was a significant marker day – I had a scheduled dentist appointment. I scheduled this appointment some time ago, so July 18th became a marker day.

This date seemed a long time ago, a month ago. Then time went whhhhhhhhhhooooooosh. Yes it did. It went whhhhhhhhhhhhoooosh. The day kept getting closer, and the closer it got, the more anxious I felt. In fact, my level of anxiety was off the charts yesterday because I had this appointment and because I feared for my animals’ safety. Pete was on a pack trip, with my dog Shadow and my horse Raudi. If he failed to come home with them both, I would have been devastated, and this is an understatement.

So, the dentist appointment. I was led into the examination room, so I knew that this was just going to be a consult. I still call it the bad news room. I was on time, the dentist was a half hour late. I remained standing and read a quirky book about children’s vision and eye care. When Dr. Gurr finally entered the room, I, his high maintenance patient, first asked him how his new baby was doing. This was a ploy, designed to activate his amygdala, the pleasure center of the brain. I might also have caused him to release oxytocin. Dunno.

It worked. Happy dentist had me sit down in the chair. I said to him, “do you first want the good or the bad news?” I then, before he even answered, gave him the good news, which was that the extracted area on the left side was fine. I then gave him the bad news, which was that the extracted area on the right side was so-so. I repeatedly said the discomfort (and this is what it was) was up above the gumline.

Dr. Gurr did a quick examination, then said that he would like to do a 3-D bone scan, then put in the implants. He also said what I wanted to hear, which was that he would like to do this scan in a month.

Hearing this, I said “Yes!” He seemed surprised. It was right then, at that very moment, that a wave of relief swept over me like an ocean wave. No, I did not get pulled under, but rather surfed that wave to the shore. OOOwwwweee. My motto when it comes to dentists is, put off today, and tomorrow, and the next day, whatever it is that needs to be done.

My good friend Becky, who also dreads going to the dentist, feels the same way, which is partially why we are kindred spirits.

I bounded out of the bad news room like a horse let out into the wilds. I made my September appointment with the new receptionist – this one seems to care about people, unlike the last one, then made a beeline for our truck and Pete.

It takes a few days for the dreads to subside. I then start looking for something else to be anxious about. Another marker date or two will materialize. At least I have accepted the fact that this is just the way I am.

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