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July 14, 2022: Brussel Sprouts

Rub the eyes, scratch the head. Refrain from picking the nose. Sometimes this is as good as a human can do. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again – Pete does the work of two people when he’s here. So I am now doing the work of three people.

When he goes away, I’m generally good for a day or two. Then I start to fall apart, like an overcooked brownie. The edges go first – somehow the core has always stayed together. That’s the undercooked, gooey part.

Woke up several times last night to the wonderful sound of rain. This morning it was misting like when you are at the supermarket and the vegetable mister thingie is on. As a kid, when it was really hot out, I’d go and stick my arms under the mist. Quite often, the head of the produce department would appear, and I’d run out the door so as not to be caught. I says once to a friend, imagine if

Alys moving out the goat bedding

I grabbed some Brussel sprouts and got caught and was accused of shoplifting. My friend shook her head sadly and said, “Brussel sprouts? That wouldn’t be worth it.”

It was invigorating. It also meant that I was spared having to water the outside plants and vegetables, for which I was grateful. This morning and night, would have taken me two-three hours. Instead, tonight I watered the plants in the hoop house and in the greenhouse. And I thought, wow, if I had the time, I could get into tending to plants. The problem is, I do not have the time.
On the home front, I did all the animal chores morning and night, and after milking the goat, cleaned the milking machine, which is something that Pete usually does.

The dog is upset about Pete and Shadow being gone. Last night she peed on the bed and this morning on the mat in front of the kitchen addition door. Oh oh. So I took her for a walk, along with Tinni. Ryder is now at an age when at times she seems very young and at other times very old.

Ranger’s and Swampy’s coats are looking better because I am being diligent about providing them with supplements.

On the BLBP front – there is a sense of urgency about getting the volunteer orientation going, so that we have enough people on hand for the Friday fling events. I need to do this and also need to finish getting the books out of the U-Haul storage unit to the meeting house and on Saturday assist with salvaging at VCRS.

My life now feels like a run on sentence. Wow. It was worth writing this dispatch in order to come up with that statement.

Oh yeah, and I am to meet with a woman who is coming in from Anchorage tomorrow and dropping off 10 boxes of books at the meeting house. Then after that I’m going over to the Palmer Museum and doing my Friday Fling stint.

And you know what? I will get ‘er done because I am invincible. I am wonder woman’s double, just my title is in small letters.

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