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July 11, 2022: Oh Really

A varied day – they are the best. First on the list, go to the Meeting House and assist Pete and Milena in setting up shelving in the kids’ room and the library room. Actually, I assisted by staying out the way, since workspace at the Meeting House is limited. I also got books ready to put up on the shelves; more specifically, I boxed and put stamped young adult books on the metal racks in the kids’ room. It looked really good when we were done.

I was most appreciative of Pete and Milena’s effort – it wasn’t just the fact that they put up the shelving, but that this was an outward sign of solidarity. In effect, they were saying that the BPB project is a wonderful and great undertaking, and they are a part of this.


New bookshelf can hold boxes

We next came back to our place because Milena’s daughter Siersha wanted to ride the horses. Our arrival coincided with that of the arrival of Pete and my friends Cathy and Linda, who trailered their horses to our place in hopes of going for a ride with Pete. They are all also going on a trip to the Yanert on Wednesday, so they were preparing; they did this by first putting our pack saddle on Linda’s horse Jack, a mustang. And I suspect that while out on the ride, they talked about how they are going to set up camp. Pete’s taking Raudi – I will of course fret until her safe return. He might also take Shadow the dog, but maybe not. Lately she has taken to running home when out on the trails.

The trip group left, so I got Tyra ready for Siersha. Tyra moved around a bit, so Siersha said that she wanted to get off the horse. So we next put her on Hrimfara. Shiersha decided that Hrimmi was as wiggly as Tyra, and so asked to be removed from this horse. I took her off and I put Milena on her.

It was at the end of Milena and Siersha’s visit that it began raining. There was also some thunder and lightning. I could almost hear the plants saying, “thank you ever so much for this rain.”

All the while, Slacker and company continued to observe us from their birdhouse vestibule. Other swallows are flying around, doing some incredible dive bombing. It’s hard to imagine them just staying still.

Then, after all was said and done, Pete and I went over to Jim’s place and there began haggling for Jim’s Outback Legacy circa 1998. This car is 24 years old. The owners initially wanted $2,500. We offered them $1,500 and they decided to take it. I hate haggling. But, as Pete said, there are a few things wrong with this vehicle, one of which is that the transmission is loose.

We did purchase the car, and it is now in our yard. Pete will get ‘er running again.

The rain stopped at the end of our negotiations. Spent the evening working on children’s books.

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