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July 6, 2022: Moving Forward

I used to write about moving forward in my horse training endeavors. In this respect, I have ground to a screeching halt, and I am back peddling. I never meant for this to happen. This was circumstantial. First of all, Saddle Up Arena, where I did some teaching, was sold to a young individual whose focus is on dressage and jumping.

Also, my mentor, Susan Harris died, leaving me with no tangible link to Centered Riding. Now, looking back, I realize that my becoming a respected Centered Riding instructor was never meant to be. I will never be sure if it was a lack of aptitude or the perceptions of others, but I was not able to make inroads in the organization.

Susan says hello to horse

I knew that in some ways, Susan was just giving me the company line – she never advocated in my favor with others in the organization – but she was an excellent source of information. And I do miss her.

I used to organize clinics, and Pete organized two competitive trail rides. He did so well financially that he set money aside for another clinic. This money was spent frivolously by the next CTR organizer. So this year, there is no CTR.

I do not live near other riders, and I can’t drive the big truck. My vision is such that I would not trust myself driving a trailer. So I content myself, riding alone most of the time, and sometimes with Pete.

Perhaps I didn’t know as much about horse behavior as I once thought. This has occurred to me quite often in the past year.

Some don’t like our rooty trails. And we only have roadside parking.

The book project has also been taking up a lot of my time, far more than it should. I hope next year that we can do a long trip. Problem is, I have a prodigious milk goat who needs to be milked twice a day. I also don’t want to leave Tinni in the hands of just anyone. He needs to be walked every single day. He also needs to be given supplements. I don’t know of anyone who would do this. So, I am acting in his best interest by staying put. Our walks are time well spent.

I would like to find someone who’d like to assist me in working with Hrimmi. She loves pulling a cart, and if she had her druthers, she would do this each and every day.

So no, I no longer feel as though I’m bringing out the best in my horses. But there is this – caring for them is very meditative and calming. Being around them also enables me to put everything back into perspective. Like tonight – long BLBP board meeting. Lots to mull over. I mulled while the horses ate their hay. And in my head, everything fell into place.

So in some ways my horse life is on hold. And in other ways, not.

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