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July 4, 2022: A Conversation with Tyra about Independence Day

Tyra: What’s the matter? You seem preoccupied lately.
Alys: You are very observant.
T: We’ve all noticed this.
A: We?
T: All the animals.
A: Even the chickens?
T: Yes, even the chickens.
A: Now how do you know that the chickens are aware of this?
T: I’ve been in the upper quadrant, grazing.
A: Well then, isn’t your focus on grazing?

Tyra talks to the chickens

T: Tyra knows all, sees all.
A: Were you a mystic in your previous life?
T: Yes.
A: And what else were you?
T: I was once a water buffalo. I was very bad ass.
A: And?
T: I was also a giraffe. See how high I can stretch my neck?
A: In your previous life, were you ever a human?
T: Yes. I was once a horse groom.
A: No.
T: Yes. I wouldn’t be making this shit up.
A: What about the rest?
T: You should ask them. I can say that this is Sassy the Goat’s first time around.
A: So this is why she is at times so clueless.
T: Yes, but also very endearing.
A: What about Tinni?
T: He was previously an Icelandic fisherman.
A: Does he miss Iceland?
T: Yes. He’d like to go back there.
A: It’s not possible.
T: Why?
A: Because horses that are exported from Iceland can never return.
T: No.
A: Yes.
T: Who came up with that rule?
A: I am not sure. But they’ve stuck to it.
T: Do you think we could smuggle him back to his native country?
A: It would be hard to fit him into a suitcase.
T: We might put him on a ship and freight him there.
A: I think there would be repercussions for us all, including Tinni if we attempted to do this.
T: I’ll bet that even those horses that are exported here and lead wonderful lives after still wish they were back in Iceland.
A: I’ll bet you’re right.
T: I have been meaning to talk to you about Ranger the Goat.
A: Yes?
T: He’s not looking very good.
A: I’m very aware of this. I’ve been giving him supplements every morning and night.
T: His coat is ragged and he’s very thin.
A: Yes. But the hair on his nose is growing back.
T: Thank dog for small favors.
A: Seriously, I don’t think he’s going to make it through winter.
T: He is still very strong and willful.
A: Yes he is.
T: I asked, and he told me, that he intends to be around for a while.
A: This could be because he has a purpose in life.
T: What’s that?
A: He is teaching Sassy to be a proper goat.
T: Ranger?
A: Ranger.
T: So, I heard that you and Pete were talking about getting a milking goat herd going, and that you are considering making and marketing cheese.
A: No, this was just speculation on my part. Pete theorized as to how such a venture might be profitable.
T: You are not going to move to Iceland and do this, are you?
A: No Tyra, we are here for the duration.

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