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July 3, 2022: Shadow’s Dog Blog

I am again being allowed to write a dog blog. I shouldn’t even get to ask. But Alys is in charge, so as Pete says, “you know the drill.” Pete, he says this every night, when its time for me to get off his bed and onto my bed.

So yeah, I know what the expectations are, and I do my best to abide by them. This is a breed characteristic of Australian Shepherds. We are very loyal dogs, a trait that Pete values highly, Alys a bit so.

I have heard a great deal about Rainbow, mainly from Ryder, who is a border collie (Alys thinks) Australian Shepherd mix. Rainbow had a lot of energy and a mind of her own. She was also very athletic. Alys used to run with her. Everything was on her terms – she decided that she was best off living with Alys and Pete – if she thought differently, she would have left for good. Alys still misses her.

R&S on the porch

It’s been quite hot here, cool in the morning and at night, a tad bit too warm in the middle of the day. Today Alys and Pete decided to go out early for a ride and take us dogs with them. They’ve been having a problem with me – I have been wanting to go home rather than go with them for trail rides.

Pete’s been working with me in order to convince me that I should stay with the horses and go on outings. He’s been getting me further out on our trails by keeping me on the leash until we are a distance from the trail head, and then letting me go. I get the idea, which was why today I stayed with the pack.

We started out on the usual trails, doing Raudi’s runway, and cutting over after reaching jawbone junction, going onto Peaches’ Trail, the Lakeshore Limited, then getting back on Siggi’s Trail. Alys suggested that rather than finish up by riding Siggi’s Trail that we instead head in the direction of Grizzly Camp. Pete then suggested that we do the bench loop, to which Alys readily agreed.

We went up the hill. Alys was riding Tyra, who took off at a good clip when Raudi attempted to pass her. Tyra didn’t like having Raudi kick dust up in her face. Up at the top, hazy, not a great view. Pete went ahead and rested in the shade. Alys cleaned up the mess the ATVers left behind. Ryder and I went with Pete and rested in the shade.

The downward part of our journey was in the leafy brush – it was cool compared to going uphill, which was in the sun, on the dusty trail.

Alys was really pleased with how Tyra did. Pete had at least temporarily resolved the saddle fit issue by getting it in place, just right. And he raised her stirrups, so she wasn’t reaching for her toes for them.

It was really a good outing. I hope that we get to do this again tomorrow.

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