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June 28, 2022: Going to Extremes

This title is from a book by Joe McGinnis. He wrote about Alaska being a place of extremes, his examples coming from first-hand accounts.

I do wonder if the analogy of the pendulum effect is just an analogy or if there is an actual thing as counter force. There, all it takes to be a physics expert is the ability to speak in physics tongues and to have a good imagination. Today our friend Bill and I were talking about quantum physics – we bounced a few theories around, my contribution being string theory. What I most know about it is that some guy came up with it and then others shot it down.

I think in terms of analogies – the pendulum theory being one of them. Right now, in our country, the pendulum arm is on the right. Climate change, gun control, and abortion non-rights are the primary concerns.

Those who profess to favor the pendulum swinging to the left are pulling hard but gaining no momentum. I’m one of these people. There’s nothing I can do but shovel money at Planned Parenthood.


The hardest part right now, about being opposite of where the pendulum is, is having to interact with those who are happily on the right. I hear things from acquaintances such as “God will make sure that all the unborn babies will be cared for,” “I need to carry a gun, it’s a form of self-defense,” and “there’s no such thing as climate change.” I feel like screaming at these people, the first words being “give me a break!”

The problem is, if I scream, the lines of communication with these people will be cut off. So I am keeping my mouth shut. Maybe because I am keeping my mouth shut, they know what my viewpoint might be.

I also don’t say anything because I fear that I’m not as informed on these matters as they are. Yesterday, for example, I was talking with an elementary school teacher about positive reinforcement training and the use of clickers in the classroom. She let it be known that this would never work. I just could not marshal my counter arguments, based on years of reading, study, and reflection, quick enough.

So this woman, who knows nothing about such things and everything about teaching, and I, did not learn anything from one another.

I need to change the world view and get that pendulum to swing back toward the left.

That I have no idea about how to do this has me very depressed.

Equally as depressing – former (now that’s a word that does lift my spirits) President Trump is coming to Anchorage next week, in support of three republicans campaigning for seats in the upcoming senate, congress, and governor races. It is hard for me to believe that anyone would vote for these individuals. And it is hard for me to believe that anyone would support Trump.

What gives?

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