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June 22, 2022: Waiting

I’m not at all a patient person. I don’t like lines of any kind, particularly post office and supermarket lines. I’m not a type A person. Rather, I’m a type B person who is impatient. I wish I was a type A person because they get things done fast. I get things done slow.

Right now, I’m waiting for a storm to pass through. It’s very warm and also humid – this is a big double whammy. One or the other would be just fine, the two together is a bit much. But this storm – we can hear thunder and see lightening, but it’s taking its sweet time in getting here. “Come on,” I say, “bring it on.”

We need rain really badly. We went in the drop of a hat from having too much snow to too little precipitation.

I want to get the horses out, but I am concerned about the thunder and lightning. And it is too buggy and hot to have them out for long.

Alys with her Dr. Suess hat

I realized this morning that

I recently learned that there are people out there reading my blog. They hail from one camp or the other. This is problematic because I am not sure at any given moment who my readers might be. So I have been attempting to strike a balance by writing equally about one of two subjects. I wear two hats. The first is a helmet, and I wear it when riding. And the second is a Dr. Suess hat, I wear it when giving out free books. I also wear a baseball cap, this because I’m a farm girl.

This is a dispatch about being impatient. In this case, I’m wearing three hats, although not all at the same time.

This morning, when the sun was shining brightly, I cleaned the front area of the goat pen. It took me some time, there was a lot of compressed bedding in this area. Grr, grr, grrr.

I then cleaned the outhouse. Pete uses this small space as a garage type storage area. It’s quite logical because the outhouse is next to the driveway, where he works on the vehicles.

He creates what I call piggy nests; defined: piles of stuff of various kinds. I visit the outhouse quite often, and so I like to step into a cleaned, uncluttered space. Why, I wondered, was I having to do this work? Grr, grr, grrr.

Milena was here this afternoon. We were talking about the book project. She and Pete repeatedly went off topic. Grrr, grrr, grrr.

I let the animals out of their enclosure when the weather’s good. Sassy is small and fast. I try to keep her out of the hay shed because I have alfalfa in there, and when the bales bust open, the compressed hay goes flying. I did not succeed this morning, grrr, grr, grr.

Yes, patience is a virtue, and it’s one that I lack. I’m not sure how to acquire it.

The storm has still not rolled in.

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