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June 19, 2022: Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II writes a blog

Okay. So Raudi blogs and that pesky dog blogs – what gives? I asked Alys this and she said sure, I could write a dispatch. I’m not sure that the difference between the two actually is – and neither is she. Tyra said, when I asked her, that a dispatch is a message from a war zone or a trouble spot.

I’m not in a trouble spot, so I guess I’ll write a blog.

Around here, I’m thought to be like Ferdinand the Bull, somewhat lazy, often slow, and one who stops to sniff the flowers. I would like now, as Tyra would say, “to counter that misconception.”

Pete and Raudi and Hrimmi overlooking Happy Jack area

Alys had been taking me out riding quite a bit, and I have been the first one out. To be the first one out is sort of an honor because it means that you are the day’s preferred horse. Lately, though, she’s been taking Raudi out first and Tyra out second.

Today she again took Raudi out first, then Pete rode Tyra and Alys rode me. The problem, as Alys sees it, is that I’m obsessed with eating grass. This is why her nickname for me is Ferdinand. If my breeder, Andrea Brodie was here, she’d call me a peanut roller.

Yes, I am obsessed with eating trailside vegetation. The reason is that I know that there is only going to be forage for a few months, so I’m getting it while I can. I also am aware that we horses spend 22 hours a day in our enclosure, unlike other horses who spend 22 hours a day out on pasture. Well, in places where the grass is really lush, the horses spend less time on pasture because they soon get obese.

I suspect that if we had access to pasture that we’d be out in it most of the time because the pickings here in Alaska are very slim. Our pickings are diverse. Of course, there’s grass. There are also wild geraniums (right now in full bloom) and dandelions (starting to go to seed) watermelon berry plants (great stuff to munch down on) and fireweed (best in August when it tops out).

How could a horse not want to veg out? Raudi agrees with me. She wears a bridle with a bit when she’s out so she’s not able to do as I do, which is get her head down and gorge on the good stuff. Me, I wear a bitless bridle because many years ago I got a laceration (the veterinarian’s word) on the corner of my mouth – Alys then decided to ride me without a bit.

It was a good choice because I’m a real mellow riding horse. I’ve never had any reason to go fast, although I do a good job of keeping up with the others when I have to.

It’s interesting. I’m thought to be the dumbest of the four horses here at Squalor Holler. No matter – I got my priorities right, and this is what matters.

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