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June 16, 2022: Raudi’s Blog

I haven’t blogged in a long time – Alys has gotten into the habit of writing dispatches and recording conversations with the various animals here at Squalor Holler. I long for the days when she and I would sit down together, and she would write down what I had to say. Together, with me talking and her taking notes, we came up with Raudi’s Story. Alys doesn’t think very highly of this book, but I think that it’s quite wonderful.

In fact, Alys told me that a copy surfaced in a cardboard box at the recycling center. This was last fall. She’d inscribed it for me; she’d given it to a neighbor, Judy Donegan. I wasn’t one of Judy’s favorite animals – though I’m small, I seem big to her. Not once has she ever offered me a treat. So it’s no surprise to me that Judy sent the book to the recycling center, to be shredded. For shame.

Today we went for a longer ride, with Alys riding me, Pete riding Tyra, and their friend Linda riding her Icelandic, Marley. Like Alys, I very much enjoy being in the company of other Icelandics when out on the trails. This is because we have a mindset that’s different than other horses. Trails and trail obstacles are like puzzles to us – we don’t spend time fretting about things like bogs and ruts; rather, we seek the easiest route around them.

Tyra, Marley, and me; today we were a team. I was in the lead, so I pretty much figured out what route to take – this was on the Grizzly Camp loop, which midway through the ride is somewhat hazardous. Alys told Linda, who had never been on this trail before, that the ATV crowd had trashed the trail.

Alys dismounted and walked me through the worst of it. Pete stayed mounted on Tyra until the end of it, when he too walked a bit. Linda rode Marley the entire way, and of course he took very good care of her.

Later on, Alys raved about what a bomber horse I am – and of course I am. I have lots of trail experience. I’m also very calm and nonreactive. I just wish at times that she had a smidgeon (that’s Tyra’s word) more faith in my abilities. I’m now 19, and my days of doing anything stupid are behind me.

Yes, I’m 19 now, as Alys said, the same age that Tinni was when she got him. She considered him to be an old horse then. Today, when I ran out of steam (at about three quarters of the way though the ride), she began to speculate that I am now old. I told her that I’m not that old. I’m just out of shape because I haven’t been ridden as much this summer as I’ve been ridden in other years.

This gave Alys reason to pause. She said that she’ll be riding me more. We’ll see.

I’d say that, yes, it was a good ride. I hope that there are others.

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