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June 7, 2022: Under the Weather, Again

No one seems to complain about the weather at this end of the world. As in other places, it gives us reason to pause, and then is a subject with icebreaking qualities.

Last night the sky was as dark as on an early winter night. Today it was dusk all day. I’d gotten so used to sunshine that I felt like clawing a hole in the sky, so as to let some sunshine in.

Last night it rained and there was considerable thunder and lightning. Today the sky spat at us some, as if to say, you expected rain, well you are getting spit.

Bill with Turkey Red Bookcase

I’d like for a few more days of rain, so as to reduce the fire danger, then have a few more days of sunshine, so as to up the probability of our getting a year’s supply of hay.

We don’t always get what we wish for, maybe a good thing because we have to have variety, and many people would just wish for the same old same old.

My windshield wipers locked together, and I had to pull them apart at an intersection. Then, when walking Tinni, my already ripped jeans tore on the inside, all the way up to the knee.

Weather aside, I kept myself occupied today. I went to the Palmer Senior Center, put out books, many of which were taken. I had lunch with friends and talked at length with my friend Timothy.

Then I drove over to the Meeting House and supervised those cleaning books. Oddly enough, they don’t think they need me around. I have become the odd one out. I don’t mind just so long as the books continue to get cleaned.

I next went back to the senior center and met with Brandi, the executive director, about the land lease project. She told me what documentation we’d need to get approval from the board. And my sense was that, yes, they do want to lease land to us. So I spent a better part of this evening working on yet another document, a proposed plan to create a Palmer Senior Center Annex.

It was easier getting my ideas on paper than it will be getting this project off the ground. It’s with this analogy in mind that I have often thought of the Wright Brothers, who I am sure also had their detractors.

I am getting more affirmation than I’ve gotten in my entire life. Why now, when I’m in the twilight of my years? Why not forty or twenty years ago? I would have been better off it had been doled out over time. This has most likely come about because I’m a late bloomer – I put all my disparate abilities together at an advanced age.

The part I dislike about being obsessed with getting a building and land to put it on is that I have to continue to have single minded intensity of focus. I know this is the only way this is going to come to be. Well then, so be it.

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