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June 6, 2022: Thunder and Lightening

This evening the sky grew progressively darker, as dark as I’ve ever seen it get on a supposed cloudless evening. Huge thunderclouds at the distance rolled in and so now it is raining. The rain is welcome. The plants need it. Swampy isn’t so wild about this. As I was milking her tonight, there was a thunderclap and her ears stood up and out. She looked like a scared rabbit.

And so yes, rain is good. I wonder if thunderstorms later in the day are going to be a constant. I hope not – the hay then won’t dry.

We've come a long way in 2-1/2 years

We’ll get our hopes up and right before leaving in order to get our allotment it’ll rain. This I have seen before.

Earlier today I talked with Tracy at the Mat-Su Health Foundation. She’s attempting to get us connected with an individual who will provide us with an assessment that we’ll use in getting grant funding. We’ll also use it in providing documentation to entities interested in donating a building and leasing us land. All evening we worked on administrative type writing for the BLBP – Pete on the strategic plan and the fiscal report, and me on the policies and procedures manual, and on the five-year plan as this relates to the building.

I most enjoyed working on the building plan. In my head, I’ve been carrying around disparate pieces – writing down my ideas enabled me to put all the pieces of this puzzle together, i.e., the purpose of the front room, the middle room, and the back room is this and that.

The building plan came together for me because today Pete and I went to the Mat-Su Borough Landfill to drop off garbage and to check out the building, which is on the landfill property. We weren’t able to go into the building (much to my dismay), but I got a good look at the outside. Funny, I’ve been by the building hundreds of times and once even went inside, to speak to students in Ellie Van De Visse’s master composter class. However, I never took notice of it before. I could have told you that there was a building there, but that was it. This is why I don’t remember what the interior is like.

My hope is that envisioning this building will make my projected five year plan a reality.

It’s odd, how in thunderstorms, on horseback, hiking, and bicycling, I often felt very unprotected and scared. I now feel perfectly safe because I have a roof over my head.

It sure is dark out there.

Today, earlier, when the sun was shining, I drove over to the Mat-Su School District Warehouse and picked up a dozen boxes of books, all young adult.

The space where the books are kept is windowless. I wonder why. Seeing as it was nice out, I attempted to hurry along so that I could get back outside.

I had feared that they’d have a pallet full of books – I was relieved to find out all they had on hand was a dozen boxes of books.

The only thing that slowed me down all day was thunder and lightning.

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