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June 2, 2022: Books Galore

And so I am dealing with abundance, on a scale that I never envisioned. This morning I went to the Palmer Post Office with pink slip in hand and claimed 14 flat rate sized boxes of books.

I had to show my ID. The woman piled seven boxes on a hand trolly, and I put them in Dog ‘n Pony. I went back for the next set of boxes and was assisted by her replacement who told me that she was taking a break. How odd, I thought, she didn’t even finish the job at hand.

What was even odder was that I had to show my ID a second time. It took me a while to find it – it was buried in the other cards in my wallet – and I grumbled as I was fishing it out. Quite obviously, I had showed the ID to the woman who initially gave me an assist, so why did I need to show it to him? It was truly bean counter logic.

Books mailed to BLBP 6-2-22

I later took the boxes to the Meeting House and left all but three of the boxes there. The books were from the Unalaska Wellness Center. They are primarily women’s health books. Ahh, but we have the ideal place for them, which is in the women’s bookcase on the second floor of the Koslosky Building. As an experiment, I put two copies of a sexual assault manual, in braille, on the bottommost shelf.

I next went to U-Haul and picked up where I left off yesterday, sorting books. After salvaging comes phase II, then phase III, which is categorizing. I did not categorize these books – there were too many books and not enough time for this. I took a break at 1 p.m. and had lunch with my friend Bea Adler. Then I resumed work.

I put pulp fiction, hardback fiction, and nonfiction in differing but uniform boxes. When finally, Pete showed up, he gave me a much-needed assist, consolidating boxes so that we will have room next Monday for the warehouse books.

I have to admit, it felt really good to have completed this task, or nearly having completed this task. Pete and I took care of one side of the room. I will have the other side to contend with shortly. It won’t take long.

It’s okay, working in the U-Haul storage area – it’s like an airport with no planes. It’s spacious, clean, and air conditioned. My only reservation is that it occupies a central space in town that could have been used for something more community oriented. It’s very obtrusive – as in they killed paradise and put up a parking lot.

The BLBP site is going to be aesthetically pleasing – then too, a place where people want to hang out. It will be park-like – with landscaping.

I am proud of Pete and my efforts. Having the available space means that we won’t have to pay for an additional storage unit. Happy me.

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