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May 27, 2022: Days like This

Today Pete had the same thought I did. This is probably not unusual since we eat close to the same foods all the time, drink the same water, and inhale the same air. This thought was that this was the sort of day in which the weather was perfect. The hope being that tomorrow and the days that follow would be just like it.

It was warm in town. Here, it was just a bit cooler. The weather people said it was 73˚F. It was warmer, I think. The weather people are saying that tomorrow will be 78˚F. We do need rain, and there is high fire danger in our area. Fortunately, we don’t have beetle kill spruce on the property – it is tinder.

I went for a mid-morning ride with Pete. He rode Tyra and I rode Raudi. We rode Tin Can, Peaches Loop, and Siggy’s Trail. We were waiting for friends who were to ride with us. They were a no show. Maybe they will ride with us tomorrow. This is the first time I have ridden all three of these trails this year. There was considerable deadfall from the windstorm. And someone has partially chain sawed the huge cottonwood that fell across the trail during the storm. The base of the tree towers above me. That the wind could knock over a tree that tall is pretty amazing.

This evening I rode Hrimfara and took her on all the trails. She did not want to take the alternative route around Peach’s Trail – in fact she was downright resistant. I lost. I got off of her and walked her a short ways on it. I like all the downfall because the horses are forced to lift their feet and pay attention.

Later, Pete and I headed in the direction of town. We decided to check out a garage sale at the Castle, a place off a distant back road. I had never seen it before. I was hoping to see a stone building, and a drawbridge and a mote. Instead, I saw this tall, blue gray building with little turret thingies on the top.

I was also hoping that there might be castle tours, but no go.

I also said to Pete that if we were serious yard sailors we would have wanted to get there early.

The next stop in town was the Meeting House. A few of the church goers were there, talking about church related things. I made a beeline for the Palmer Museum, where on Fridays we have an area with which to pedal our book wares. The events area was full of BLBP volunteers, so after passing out a few books, I left.

Oh, I forgot to mention that right now I’m dependent upon Pete for transportation. All day we mulled over the pros and cons of my getting a new vehicle. And we came to no conclusion. The one thing we did agree upon is that, yes, the price of used cars is, right now, highly inflated.

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