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January 14, 2022: And at the End of a Long Day

The best one can do is then summarize. It’s like telling someone about a dream.

Listeners, no matter how hard they try, won’t ever be able to grasp the dream in its entirety. In the best of all instances, you can get the listener to empathize, say, with the end result, joy sometimes, and terror at other times.

I never wake Pete and tell him about my dreams. I just try and make as much sense of them as I can. Dreams, though, are the subconscious attempting to make its desires known.

Stefanie Haas, Colony High School Librarian

I’m not telling you anything you do not know, so I will move on.

It was an up and down day. Couldn’t find my glasses, not until I was done pen cleaning and back in the house. Took time, yes it did, finding them. Then I had to hurry in order to get ready to go to town.

The U-Haul place – I had put the lock on wrong so the custodian put a second lock on in place. I thought that all I’d have to do was to show my ID and request it be removed. The clerk was a really pathetic individual – the entire time I was talking with her she was digging at a zit on her neck. She said that the storage locker was under my husband’s name and that he’d have to come in and show his ID in order for the lock to be removed.

I explained to her that this would be really inconvenient, but she would not budge.

I then asked another employee who said he’d remove the lock and he went and talked with her. Then I talked with an employee who I had talked to in passing and she said she was not authorized to do this. I then talked with the manager who said no problem. So employee in passing removed the second lock.

Once that lock was off, it was business as usual. Milena appeared and happily sorted books with me, then put about thirty boxes in the TOTE van. There is now more space in the U-Haul locker.

I met up with Pete and Stefanie, the Colony High School librarian. at 3:30 p.m. and we loaded up a bookcase and books and headed over to the school. We set the bookcase up across from the luncheon area. I looked at the books in the case, all lined up, and I thought – wow – we have given life back to these books. Appreciative readers are going to take these books and they are going to pass them on to friends. This, I said to her and Pete, makes what I’m doing worth it.

Pete and I finished the project day by distributing three more boxes of books in town.

Tomorrow, I will resume sorting. Pete will resume salvaging at VCRS.

I knew when taking on the school district books that finding places for these books was a huge endeavor. I will breathe easier when I can say mission accomplished.

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