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May 18, 2022: Shadow’s Dog Blog

It has been some time since I’ve written a blog. Alys writes dispatches; me, I write blogs because dog and blog rhyme. This is what Tyra told me. She has a way of explaining things which enables me to understand them. A rare gift, particularly in a horse. Most horses worry about getting eaten to the degree it saps their intelligence. Around here, the horses worry about getting enough to eat. They do get enough to eat so their intelligence isn’t sapped.

They all converse with me; Hrimmi likes to come over and talk when I’m tied to the trailer. Lately they’ve all been pissing and moaning about not getting out enough. The goats have been saying the same thing.

I agree. The outings have been few and far between, and when they occur, they are far too short. That the trails are too muddy no longer holds any water. The trails are now dry. Alys has been busy, and Pete was (according to Tyra) on vacation.


This has been hard to deal with because conditions have been good for long treks on foot or lengthy horseback rides. I do understand that the main trails have been torn up the ATV traffic and therefore are hard for the two footed to walk on. But there are the usual trails to traverse.

Pete was away for a week, he got back last night. Both Ryder and I were very glad to see him because, to tell you the truth, Alys wasn’t much fun to be around. Tyra said that she suspected that Alys was in pain. When she mentioned this, I saw what she was getting at. Alys was moving slowly and favoring one side. Tyra said that Alys told her she tore a lower back muscle. And then there was the matter of the tooth. Alys had the tooth pulled a day before Pete left. And after, she was in pain.

She’d go to sleep, then wake up and take some drugs. One night, right after she fell back to sleep, I alerted her to the fact that I had to throw up. I went gukka gukka gukka right in her face. She leapt out of bed and followed me down to the door. She just wasn’t fast enough. I puked on the stairs and in front of the door. I felt really bad because Alys, who was in pain and tired was crying.

She was kind to me, for which I was appreciative. She didn’t fall back asleep. I laid next to her on the bed as she tossed and turned. Ryder, who’d remained still, slept on her far side.

Ryder and I got taken on a few walks, but not many. And Alys remained preoccupied. Pete, she told me, by way of explanation, left for too long a time.

He spent today doing things around the place like making yogurt. The truth be known, Alys does not have a domestic bone in her body. Pete has a few domestic bones.

So now, all is just fine on the home front.

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