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May 17, 2022: Come and Gone

There will be only one May 17, 2022; unless of course we are in a circular time warp in which case it will repeat itself. Maybe the universe is a mobius strip. My thoughts on this matter are only conjecture because I don’t have a theorem’s chance in hell of proving what I now believe to be true. I didn’t give this matter any thought until I started writing this – now I will casually mention it to others in passing.

Culhane’s law is simply: It’s immutable.

I know that I won’t be around for the next May 17, 2022. I do hope to be around for May 17, 2023.

Alys and Rocky at Vagabond bookcase

I remember being a kid and thinking that the year 2000 was really distant. Now it has come and gone and seems like a long time ago. I also remember in 1974, 1984, the book, being futuristic. Now it, because of the date, seems passe, but more relevant than ever.

A very busy May 17, 2022 – I won’t remember it because there was nothing memorable about it. It is truly spring, and the smell of the cottonwoods is in the air. The horses are now going for the little sprigs of grass. The goats are roving further afield. And the dogs, no longer impeded by snow mounds, are racing at great speed during their woods walks. I’ve been taking them and Tinni on short walks on Siggi’s Loop. I can’t help but think that this is really good for him because he has some hill climbing to do and also has to lift his legs to get over downed treefall.

More robins here this year. I did some geese at the Anchorage library the other day. However, I haven’t seen any overhead. I very much want to welcome them home.

I went to the Meeting House to put the extra goat milk in the refrigerator. Mabel, who has a tiny goat, took it. I then went to the Palmer Senior Center and with Nan and her husband Cam, set out books and put some in the library cart. A woman sitting at the front desk took a moment and told me just how much she enjoyed reading a book she found.

Another regular, when I asked about possible land for a building, said that the Senior Center had some land down the road and that it might be for sale. I rushed upstairs and one of the women took down my contact information. It struck me as odd, how the staff there is so distanced from the lunch time crew.

The spot and the location would be ideal – and it would be a win-win situation for grant funding – one nonprofit assisting another. Once again, my hopes are high to a large part because schlepping so many books around is tiring, inefficient, and physically draining.

Nan assisted me in cleaning some of the children’s books that I set out yesterday. I could not have done this alone. There are two major events coming up this weekend, so we also had to get books ready for that.

And there you have it, a summation of the key events on May 17, 2022.

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