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May 4, 2022: Hrimfara at age 10

Tomorrow, May 5, is Hrimfara (Frosty Traveller’s) birthday. However, I am writing about it today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow night I will be in Utqiagvik, formerly known as Barrow. Of course, I will be thinking of Hrimmi, even though I won’t be writing about her.

It does not seem like she’s ten years old. I see as being 7 or 8. But the memories of her coming into the world and her first few months are as vivid as if it all happened yesterday.

Hrimmi and Signy

Hrimfara was conceived 11 years ago, right around the time of Pete’s birthday. We were in Southern Colorado and had just decided to take Signy, a loaner pack horse, with us. The day before we got to Andrea Brodie’s place, Signy went and paid Prudur and Skjor, two of Andrea’s stallions, a visit. We did not know who she mated with until the night she was born.

We’d been watching a movie, and after, Pete went out and checked on Signy. We’d been doing this routinely. I had finally relaxed because the colostrum indicator indicated that Signy would be having her baby in 48 hours. I thought this meant that we had 48 hours left. Signy also had not let down her milk.

Pete went down and checked on Signy – when he came back, he yelled up to me,“It’s a pinto!” I immediately knew that Prudur, a former North American champion stallion, was not the sire. Rather, it was that other guy. No matter. I went and checked and saw that she was a filly. I was originally going to name her Hrimfari, but Hrimfara was the feminine equivalent.

Signy was a very maternal mare and took good care of her baby. She also didn’t mind our getting close and being around Hrimmi. After a day or two we were taking both for walks. And eventually, we let her hang out with Tinni, Raudi, and Siggi. Raudi didn’t like Signy’s having a baby, so we did have to keep mare and foal separated.

Hrimmi, like Signy, has always been gentle and kind. She does have a bit of her sire in her – he did have a temper – and she will kick at dogs. She once kicked Ryder, but that’s another story.

She is the largest of our four horses. And she’s the one with the most clearly defined tolt. She isn’t fond of arenas – it’s like when the directionals, trees, creeks, and the like, are removed, that merely being enclosed makes no sense to her.

My friend Sarah once rode her in a competitive trail ride and placed first in horsemanship. That was the year that Hrimmi was wearing Renegade boots and lost one in a swampy section of the trail. What we learned was that orange Renegades float.

Hrimmi is an excellent pack horse. Last summer I took her to a kids’ day in Sutton and had her hang out with books in her pack. Nothing then or now phases her.

If I could, I’d get her cloned. She’s a real sweetheart. Happy tenth Birthday Hrimfara.

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