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May 1, 2021: The Three Redheads go out on a Spring Outing

May 1 is always, in my estimation, the first day of spring. There is usually some snow, and the pussy willows have their furry buds. This year there is still a lot of snow around here, and the pussy willows are on schedule, bloom wise.

I took Tinni for a walk. After, late in the afternoon Pete suggested we go for a ride. I responded in the affirmative because I presumed that I’d also be taking all three of the mares for a walk. Of course, I’d much rather ride.

Hrimmi with pack saddle

I was a bit apprehensive because my lower back is still sore, and a lot of trotting (I thought) would exacerbate the problem. I chose to ride Raudi, which would not have been the case many years back. But now, at 19, she is now the number one, steady eddy riding horse.

Beforehand, we had all the mares in the front area, between the lower garden and the trailer. They immediately knew and began to confer about the upcoming ride.

Raudi: Looks like we’re being taken for a ride.
Tyra: What did one tonsil say to the other tonsil?
Hrimmi: What’s a tonsil?
Alys: Its two appendages in the throat area of humans – they generally are removed when kids start having bad colds. This is because they are infected.
H: Goodness.
T: The joke, the joke, what’s the punch line?
R: What’s a punch line?
A: A punch line is the second part of a joke.
T: The joke, the joke, what’s the punch line?
A: The doctor is taking us out tonight.
R: I sort of get it.
H: It’s still really muddy around here.
T: It’s not as muddy here as it might be – Pete diverted the water flow using a hoe.
R: Why didn’t you do this Alys?
A: Because I have a sore back.
H: Now that I understand.
A: Have you ever had a sore back?
H: No. Wait, once when we were on a long trip – I was carrying the pack saddle and gear. Yes, on that particular afternoon my back did hurt some.
R: What I dislike the most about humans is that they can be so very clueless. Something can be wrong with a horse, and they fail to see it.
H: Humans are not very observant.
T: I don’t like being talked about. I like being talked to. People assume we are dumb brutes who don’t understand them.
A: Most people. There are some who do understand what you all are getting at.
R: But often, those who understand still don’t act on our wishes.
A: Sometimes this isn’t possible.
R: As in, I would like to have a foal. I’m getting on in years and if this doesn’t happen soon, it isn’t going to happen at all.
A: Yes Raudi, time is a wasting. But fate has to intervene because we can’t afford a place with more pasturage.
R: Excuses, excuses.
T: Let’s get on with the ride.
H: Yes, let’s ride.

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