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April 27, 2022: No One

In our area, no one is happier to see spring happen than me. I wasn’t quite ready for winter when the first snow fell; in fact, I was then eager for it to be over. I am waiting now, on what I consider to be the sure signs of spring. These are: the smell of the cottonwood trees, the return of the geese, the appearance of the robins, and the final disappearance of the snow.

I think the horses think similarly. Today I looked in the enclosure and I noticed that Raudi and Hrimmi were lying down, and Tyra, by the far fence, was looking off into the distance. Most likely she was waiting for the magpies to appear with the local news. To my knowledge she hasn’t gotten any state, national, or international news in some time. To my knowledge. She could have acquired more information that I think.

I spent my morning inside, doing book administrivia, as did Pete who filled out the forms indicating that we accepted the grant. As I said yesterday, Milena said that if we again apply, we’ll get funding next year.

April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

Lately I’ve been feeling burnt out on the book project. Getting the grant did bolster my spirits. What would really energize me would be if somehow, some way, we came up with a home for the book project. I keep imagining how easy all phases of this operation would be. As it is, I am not getting days off. And I don’t foresee getting any time off in the near future. The distant future could be a different matter entirely.

I got all the horses out. Neighbor’s dog came and went to nip at Tinni’s heels. I picked up a rock and scooted it past him. Neighbor jumps out from behind a berm and starts throwing rocks at me. He’s been eager for a confrontation, but I didn’t give him the time of day. I don’t feel like dealing with this guy, so I’ll just take Tinni on Murphy Road instead of around the loop. No, I’m not going to obsess about the fact that the man has a head full of rocks.

I rode the mares down Murphy Road. All were glad to get out. They walked nicely down Murphy Road then trotted nicely back to Oceanview Road, our street. While riding Tyra, I thought some about doing a long trip with her. Maybe I should do a short trip, then a longer one this summer, somewhere in Alaska.

Upon returning home, I cleaned the horse pen and the surrounding areas. It is amazing, how much easier this is to do in warmer weather. There’s no future in chipping away at ice.

I also cleaned the goat pen, focusing on what I call the back forty. I didn’t get out there much this winter, so today I paid the price. I set aside over a dozen muck buckets filled with crap for my friend Sarah Gotschall.

This was my day. Tomorrow I resume working on the book project.

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