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April 26, 2022: When a Project Exceeds one’s Vision

I’m sure that it happens often, that a project exceeds one’s vision. Last winter I read a biography of Steve Jobs. He started Apple, at first setting up shop in the family garage. He continued to find people to work for him who shared his vision and the ability to do the requisite work.

Jobs was extremely difficult to work with. This did not seem to deter people from working with him, even though many were treated very poorly.

I don’t know if he envisioned what Apple would become. Most likely not.

A parallel here. I originally had no vision for The Bright Lights Book Project. I simply wanted to keep books from being shredded. I remember looking at a Gaylord full of young adult books, some with matching titles and wondering if I should hold on to duplicate copies. I slowly started envisioning an audience for differing genres. Then I got these books to their respective readers.

Sutton Post Offce books

Those who are now volunteers began to appear out of the woodwork – their high degree of investment contributed to project growth.

Today was pretty remarkable. I met up with Nan at the Palmer Senior Center and young and old took several books. Young, a child about eight years old, who comes to the senior center with her grandmother. I showed her a book on dinosaurs, and she practically grabbed it out of my hands.

Nan had brought along a number of books by L. Ron Hubbard – a woman who works with a fellow who likes science fiction scooped up several copies.

And on it went.

I stopped midway through the lunch hour and checked my email. And there it was, the message that I’d been waiting for. It was from Milena, who wrote that Saltchuk, the mothership of the freight industries, had, as we requested, donated $25,000 to our cause. We did submit a budget, but we can spend the money as we choose. And, Milena was told, we can request funding next year.

I was really busy at the Meeting House, first assisting Lois in sorting through the teaching resource materials, then taking on two book drop offs, one from an older fellow who gave us three copies of his book, and another from an older couple who had decided to part with the majority of their book collection.

The other volunteers cleaned, sorted, and got kids’ books ready for the upcoming Kindergarten Night at Larson Elementary School. I then sorted through the incoming books.

After they left my friend Sarah showed up and picked through the older kids’ books, taking four boxes with her. And she wants more because she will soon have a farm day. The kids need farm animal books.

I continued to work after Sarah left. I had little room left in the book library, so I had to sort out what came in. This and distributing took a long, long time.

Tomorrow, I have some administrativa to do. However, I feel like I’m needing a day off. I am going to spend time with my neglected ponies.

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