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April 17, 2022: A Conversation with Ranger

The following conversation took place as I was cleaning the goat pen.

Alys: Ranger, looks like you made it through another long winter.
Ranger: Yes, I did.
A: It was a tough one.
R: I didn’t like the windstorm. I got really scared when the windows blew out of the upper part of the shed.
A: Remember when we had the wind generator and the wind kicked up?
R: I do remember. It made this loud shrieking noise. Rover was convinced that it was the sound that the devil made, announcing that he was coming to get us.

Ranger and Rover

A: And our neighbor Jim said that he could hear the screeching at our place.
R: Jim? Tyra told me that he recently died.
A: Yes, Jim died.
R: He was a strange man. He wasn’t all that fond of goats.
A: Well, it didn’t help when you reared up when he approached.
R: I had to cover my bases. He wore steel toed boots. Both Rover and I agreed that if he wanted to, he could inflict some damage.
A: Well, he’s gone. And you who are now pretty old, no longer rear up when people come to visit.
R: This doesn’t have anything to do with age. Rather, it has to do with the fact that I’ve become more trusting of people.
A: But now that you are older, you are more trusting of people.
R: Okay. Have it your way.
A: Are you happy having Swamp Thing as a buddy?
R: Yes, we get along just fine.
A: I ask because you two didn’t get along at first.
R: She was at first very ornery.
A: Did you ever find out why?
R: Swampy wasn’t cut out to be just another pretty face on the milk like. It’s very important to her that she be appreciated. And she is.
A: Yes. I let her know this.
R: Which is why she’s giving so much milk.
A: And what do you think of Sassy?
R: She doesn’t have any boundaries. You are going to need to reel her in.
A: Can’t you give me an assist, say with a few head butts now and then?
R: Been there, done that. She isn’t listening.
A: What do you think that I should do?
R: If you have to, run for your life.
A: But she’s pretty fast.
R: So are you.
A: Not lately.
R: I’ve noticed that you are moving a bit more slowly these days.
A: And I’ve noticed that you are moving a bit more slowly these days.
R: We are growing old together. You know what you need?
A: What?
R: To chew on some willow bark.
A: You don’t say.
R: I do say.
A: Ranger, do you have any more advice?
R: Yes, we three goats and four chickens request that you clean the pen more often. Lately the bedding has been quite wet.
A: Yes, I agree, and will do.
R: Thank you.

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