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April 8, 2021: Shadow’s Dog Blog: More Snow

Alys named me quite well. I am her Shadow and Pete’s Shadow. Right now, I have my puppy ways and need a lot of attention, but in time I am going to need less attention. Then I will be their respective Shadow.

I do now pick up on more than either one thinks; though, they are like new parents with me, very attentive. I gather that they’ve had other young dogs and were equally attentive to them.

Today Alys said something interesting to me, she said that I may think I’m the number one dog just like at one point in time Ryder thought she was the number one dog. Back then, the older dog was

Shadow supervises as Pete digs a trench by the fence

named Rainbow. According to Alys, the older dog is always the number one dog. “And someday,” she said, “Ryder will no longer be with us, and so you will then be the number one dog.” She also said that, no, I’m the last dog they’ll ever have, but I do not believe this. These two have many years left, and from what I can tell, a whole lot of energy, enough to tire both Ryder and me out. In fact, now and then Ryder still threatens to report them to the human society.

Today, I pretty much Shadowed Alys and Pete throughout the day. The day actually began as it usually does, with me playing a good game of tug with Ryder. It was interrupted by the appearance, on the far side of the window, of Squirrelly Whirly. Ryder has this odd thing about her – she gets obsessed with things like squirrels – locks eyes with them in fact. Alys and Pete have both told me this is a characteristic of Border Collies. I’ve told Ryder to chill, but once she’s in the zone, it is near impossible to get her out of it.

Next, Alys and Pete headed to the college and took me along. Pete had to teach and Alys, I gather, was doing her book thing. I don’t understand what it is either of them do, but fortunately, they never leave me in the car for long.

Alys returned to the car early in the afternoon and took me for a walk on the nature trail. Lots of dogs had been out and about, and even though there were a few inches of snow on the ground, I got a sense of what sex and breed they were.

It was a good walk – Alys was at peace with herself. She’s rather high strung and at times very anxious. But out on the trail, either walking or riding horses, and she’s much more relaxed. She then is also so much fun to be with. And I most enjoy being off lead. Alys and Pete both are figuring out that I’ll stick close and don’t need to be on a leash. When I’m with Ryder, it’s a different story except when Pete goes cross country skiing.

Back at home Alys took me for a walk with Hrimmi, my favorite horse. Alys says kiss the pony and she and I touch lips. Hrimmi is such a gentle soul – the other ones less so.

So now, Pete’s finishing up digging a trench around the far fence of the horse pen. When he gets back in, he, Ryder, and I will conclude the day by playing a game of tug. Then we’ll all climb onto the bed where Alys will already be reading a book.

Shadow. I think I was named well. And dogs that are named well tend to live long, happy lives, or at least this is what Alys says.

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