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January 9, 2021: A Conversation with Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II

The following conversation took place during a late afternoon trail ride. I had an hour to get a horse out, and took Hrimmi out.

Alys: Way fun, to go for a ride at dusk, don’t you think?
Hrimmi: Yeah, except for the fact that I didn’t get to finish my hay.
A: It will be there when we get back. There aren’t going to be any other horses tied to the hitching post.
H: Pete will soon be back from his bicycle ride. He might take Tyra or Raudi out.
A: Most likely not. It’s getting dark.
H: And if he does?
A: I will make sure you get your share of hay.
H: Don’t forget.
A: I won’t.
H: It’s windy out here.
A: Yes, a bit blowsy.
H: The trees are creaking.
A: What we have here are dead spruce beetle kill and some old dead birch.
H: Dangerous, to be riding in wind, wouldn’t you say?
A: Yeah, we take our chances.
H: Best to move right along.
A: Yep.
H: How come you’re riding me today?

Hrimmi grazing in the Happy Jack area

A: Because you are the most reliable going out alone in conditions like this.
H: Raudi would beg to differ.
A: And so would Tyra.
H: And Tinni.
A: I think that Tinni is quite content these days, being ponied off of Raudi.
H: Seems that way. He never complains.
A: Do any of you complain?
H: No. Of course, we would like a larger pasture area.
A: I keep hoping.
H: And you do get us all out, most days.
A: You know, when I first started trail riding, I was apprehensive. I rode because I knew (at the time) Tinni, Raudi, and Siggi needed exercise. But quite often, my heart was in my throat.
H: A strange phrase, your heart being in your throat.
A: It means to be apprehensive.
H: Hmm, now I know something that Tyra does not.
A: Not for long. Some bird, listening in to our conversation, will tell her what it means.
H: Yes. Very little escapes Tyra’s attention.
A: Her new girth came in the mail today. It’s skookum
H: Skookum?
A: Strong and beefy.
H: She has been feeling the saddle slipping.
A: Yesterday I talked with my mentor, Susan Harris. She said that horses that lack withers have undeveloped shoulder sling muscles. She then gave me some advice about how to further develop Tyra’s withers.
H: Such as?
A: Ride down hills slowly, like I’m attempting to do now.
H: Okay. Easy does it. You know, it’s warm, the packed down snow here is slippery.
A: I can give you an assist. I’m making my eyes soft, thinking escalator, fifth floor notions department, alligator tail, bubbling springs, shoulders relaxed, wrists pointing downward. . .
H: And for dogssakes breathe!
A: Yeah, breathe.
H: Nice, nice. Now we are going uphill.
A: And I’m going into two-point.
H: Ohh, good! Thank Susan for me. And tell her that if and when she comes back that I will be more animated in the arena.
A: I will do this.
H: Here we come, to Suicide Hill.
A: Okay Hrimmi, let’s show ‘em how it’s done.
H: Cowabunga.
A: Yeah, cowabunga all the way to the bottom.

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