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March 18, 2021: Time, and Time Again

I told Pete a few days ago that I wasn’t going to go to Valley Arts Alliance get together this morning because it would be what I call a time suck, or, further defined, a meeting-related black hole. Some people actually like attending formal gatherings because they take up valuable time. Otherwise, they’d have to tend to matters that they have not tended to, like taking out the garbage and bringing in the groceries. Me, I’m just the opposite. I don’t like attending formal gatherings because they prevent me from tending to matters that I have not tended to, like taking out the groceries and bringing in the garbage. Ever spend a day doing things in reverse? It’s a lot more fun than going to formal gatherings.

Books at Ravn Air Terminal on their way to Nanwalek

Grrmph. But then last night I realized that I had to go to this formal gathering because I had to give a presentation on the Bright Lights Bookend Project and the Newspaper Box Project. In other words, I needed to provide further specifics on the who, what, when, where, and why of these two projects.

I have refrained in the above from using the word meeting because there is no meeting per say. Essentially, the gathering consists of a group of artists who get together to eat brunch and chat. They do take on projects, and, perhaps then they are more focused. But lately, they’ve been between projects, which is the wearable art show and the cast iron exhibit.

And so, I show up and attempt, after a half hour of socializing and watching others socialize, to get these dozen or so people in attendance to listen to what I have to say. I sat at the head of table and – I just realized – I did not, as I’ve done in the past, start to doodle. I instead had one of the regular members call everyone to order and introduce themselves.

I again (third week in a row) told everyone about the Bright Lights Book Project; I then asked for input/volunteer support for both projects. Those three who volunteered were those who all along have been supportive of the Bright Lights Book Project. No surprise.

After, a handful of us went over to the recycling center. My task there was threefold. I made a second banning books video with Hilary, the resident actress. I meandered over to the textile area with Bea, a vintage clothing specialist, and there we found a quilted coat. Then I had Nan, Hilary, Bea, and three others gather around the newspaper box where we conferred about how to turn it into a little library.

I confess, I’ve become quite fond of this little red box. As inanimate objects go, it is fairly inanimate. I think it will enjoy being a little library; that is, if the powers that be relocate it and give it makeover.

Lastly, everyone filed into the VCRS bookstore and made some purchases. Me, I grabbed four boxes of books, and together, Pete and I took them to the distribution centers and put them on shelves.

So no, the time spent with the VAA people was not at all a time suck. I just out of habit focus on getting the tasks that need to be done, done.

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