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January 7, 2021: Tyra and the Magpie

Today, as we were saddling up Tyra and Hrimmi, a magpie landed on the shelter wall. It began, in bird, yelling in a near intelligible fashion. I tuned in; turns out, Tyra and the bird were deep in conversation. What I remember, follows.

Tyra: Oh yes, lots going on.
Magpie: Lots, lots, lots going on.
T: What’s the latest?
M: Lots, lots, lots going on.
T: Can you be more specific?
M: Maybe, maybe, maybe.
T: Well, let me tell you what’s been happening here. Yesterday, Alys and Raudi were out on a ride, she was ponying Tinni, and Tinni got away from her twice.
M: Twice? Twice? Twice?
T: Yes twice. The first time he ran back to the intersection and Alys found him there. The second time he ran all the way home.


M: Ran all the way home?
T: Ran all the way home.
M: Him?
T: Yes, the black horse right below you, the one eating his food.
M: Hard to believe.
T: He’s actually in very good shape for being 31 years old.
M: 31?
T: Yes, 31 years old.
M: Long lived, long lived, long lived.
T: Yes, long lived.
M: I’m looking for a mate.
T: Isn’t it a bit early in the year for this?
M: Can’t begin too early.
T: What happened to your other mate?
M: Terrible, terrible, terrible.
T: Too terrible to talk about?
M: Too terrible.
T: So, what’s the word from out in the world?
M: Humans continuing to behave badly.
T: Down south?
M: Yep.
T: How do you know this?
M: The birds, who were there, they passed it on to other birds who passed it on to other birds.
T: And you’re hear to tell this to me?
M: I’m here to tell it to anyone who will listen. You listen, listen, listen.
T: Yes, I listen.
M: Who listens to you?
T: Alys listens to me. She’s listening to us right now.
M: How come she’s listening to us and the guy putting the saddle on Raudi is not.
T: He listens to Alys.
M: Does he believe that some people can understand what animals are talking about?
T: Let me put it this way. He doesn’t disbelieve.
M: And he appears to like you horses.
T: He is very kind and gentle. Lately, he’s been riding me. When the saddle pad and cinch get here, Alys will start riding me again.
M: Change is good, good, good.
T: Yes, change is good.
M: Not all change is good.
T: All things in moderation.
M: Yes, all things in moderation.
T: You are a mocking bird, right?
M: Mock, rock, socks, tick-tocks. I like rhyme more than I like reason.
T: I like reason more than I like rhyme.
M: Rhyme, crime, lime, slime.
T: So, any big news?
M: The natives are revolting.
T: Well they ought to take a bath.
M: Heh, heh, heh, heh.
T: In just a few months, we’ll shed and leave you hair so you can build a nest.
M: First I must find a mate, mate, mate, mate.
T: One will appear, of this I am sure.
M: Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure?
T: Sure.

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