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February 20, 2021: Removing the Rose-Colored Glasses

Okay. One wearing rose-colored glasses sees things from a false perspective. Their judgement is either clouded or obscured by the metaphorical color of their lenses.

It is most appropriate of me to say that I have been wearing Rose Colored glasses. I am now speaking specifically about my vaccination related concerns.

Yesterday was (no pun intended) an utterly wretched day. Pete and I both felt so bad. We did work as a team, him covering for me when I rested, and me covering for him when he rested. We didn’t plan it this way. Part of it was that we realized that neither of could get much sleep when the other was in bed, tossing and turning.

We did not have any disagreements. This is surprising, given the sorry state of our health.

But it was temporary. Today we woke up feeling better. Pete was sicker than I was, so I felt better earlier. He felt better as the day progressed. Tonight, he was downright chipper.

Yesterday, I rued the fact that I had gotten the vaccine; of course, I thought that no good could come of a vaccine that makes one this sick. Today I recalled how vaccines work and

This fern is waiting for better days

the role of antigens and antibodies. The body, when you get a vaccine, is building immunity. And immunity keeps one from getting sick again.

My friend Fran in Fairbanks read yesterday’s dispatch. She is very adept at saying the right thing at the right time. She wrote in her email message to me: “Just remember, no matter how rotten you feel, it's just for a short time, and most certainly better than getting Covid. I'm worried about all the folks who are opting out of vaccination. They are a threat to us all, because by keeping the virus out there, and among a sizeable portion of the population, we will just keep on getting the variant mutations and we'll be trapped in this pandemic forever. Good for you for getting your shot.”

Yes, Fran is right. No one, except those who have been vaccinated or gotten sick, are immune. In order to knock out this virus, the majority and then some need to get vaccinated or else more and more people will get sick. An equally frightening thought is this: this virus has already mutated. Just what we need, variations on a theme. We can prevent the onset of more sickness and death by getting vaccinated. We can also do this by continuing to wear masks. Both Pete and I have done both. Hip, hip, hooray.

We have friends who are nay sayers. Some believe that if they are careful, they will not get the virus. Others believe that the virus will affect their DNA, and other believe that in five years’ time, they’ll end up like Hilary Clinton and become Zombies.

I was able to go to the recycling center and sort books this morning. Yesterday I was so sick that I thought I’d continue to be sick for days. I wonder if the recovery rate is faster among those who are more fit.

Just glad to be feeling better today.

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