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February 16, 2021: Snow Day

Apparently, most of the U.S. has had extremely cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. This has occurred in places where they aren’t used to this sort of thing. Me, I find this hard to imagine. Here, we get snow and it’s business as usual. Most people either deal with it immediately, or if, like us, they have other things to do, get to it shortly. Never do we ever experience any angst. Instead, we stick to the routine on the home front, morning and night.

We awoke to a few inches of snow on the ground. And it was coming down hard. I got us up early (!) so that I could take Shadow and Ryder for a walk, this way keeping our trails open. It was calm, no wind, very quiet, me, I got to thinking, this is my very own dog and pony park.

Alys on Tyra with Shadow

After, Pete dropped me off at Turkey Red Restaurant before heading to school. There I met with Mike Maddox, the building owner. He was in his 30s, hair combed back over his head. He had a coffee in hand and talked fast. We first went and checked out the Valley Hotel and Vagabond Blues distribution sites. He was impressed with Bill’s carpentry work, and after, he showed me a spot where he surmised a nice bookcase might go. He, from the onset, was totally behind the project and said that there should be distribution sites in all the immediate area shops. He also agreed to have Bill build him a bookcase.

I really like having the distribution sites – this is way easier than driving around and dropping off a box of books here or there.

I next went to the Meeting House and there met Nan and Lois who assisted me in getting children and young adult books ready for freight shipping. They cleaned the children’s board books, of which there were two full boxes. I thought, the Head Start Program is going to love having these books.

After the two left, I carried several boxes of books over to the Vagabond Blues distribution site and carefully arranged them in the bookcase cubby holes. The bookcase looked like a miniature bookstore when I was done. To add to this, when I was carrying books over there, a woman who I know pulled up in a car and we started talking. Joanie is a naturopath. The wheels in my head started to turn when she said that there was a bookcase outside her office and that we could have it.

I checked it out. It wobbles. But once we get some plywood backing, I’ll make it a health distribution site. In the meantime, I did put several health-related books in place.

Pete picked me up and we came home together. The snowplow had been through – I remarked that it was a good day to take a breather from riding because I would have had to plan my rides around the plow driver’s schedule. Lately I’ve been lucky, and I guess today my luck held.

Tomorrow, to the airport, that is if Stormy has not yet had her babies. There is that.

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