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February 9, 2021: At the Day’s End

You take a moment, always, and reflect back on the salient events of the day. I don’t like the previous sentence – the use of the second person isn’t going to give much narrative leeway. So, I am going to begin anew.

This morning, it appeared to be another cold, blowsy day. Nevertheless, I took Tinni and Shadow for a quick walk around the loop. I would have gone for a longer walk, but I had to go to town and because Pete had to leave sooner rather than later, so I had to hustle. Nevertheless, it was gratifying to see Tinni put a spring into his step when I requested he move along. It was gratifying because I then knew that my adhering to KEMP -- the Keep Equines Moving Program, has paid off. No sitting around for days on end for this guy – a good thing because now, going into spring, he’s in excellent shape.

The rest, they got a day off. I figured one day would not kill them.

I went to the Meeting House, and with my friends Nan and Lois, cleaned outgoing children and young adult books. Working here is different than working in the recycling center where it’s noisy and dusty. This as opposed to the Meeting House where it’s quiet and clean.

The owl keeps the goats company

The books are ready to be boxed and shipped out. A happy problem. I need more.

After, I went over to Turkey Red Restaurant and I talked with Alex, the owner, about our putting in a bookcase near the parking lot entrance. She is all for it and gave me the name of the owner, who she says will be receptive to this idea.

I next went upstairs and introduced myself to Michele who works for United Way. I quickly realized that she’s a kindred spirit. She reads a lot, and so we went over to the Vagabond Blues distribution site where she took yet another handful of books. Like Alex, she also was enthused about their being a bookcase or two in the building. Gosh, three distribution sites within two blocks. This, I thought, is going to work out well.

I finally ventured over to the Bishop Attic Thrift Store where I, ahem, purchased a few books and of all things, a bookcase. I figure that this mid-sized bookcase is just the thing for the Turkey Red Hallway. If, say, Bill gets around to building another, I will then move this bookcase upstairs.

I must, at times (as I am doing now), take a moment and think about how far this project has come in such a short amount of time. When I started pulling books out of cardboard boxes and setting them on the VCRS baling room floor. I had no idea that in time, I’d be distributing them around town. Nor (and this is most important) did I realize that I’d end up meeting so many interesting and supportive individuals.

It is, as I write this, still blowsy out. Stormy did not have babies today, in my absence. Both Pete and I have our fingers crossed, that she will hold off until the weather is better.

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