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December 26, 2021: Bleak Day

The best thing about keeping the holidays low key is that after, there is no feeling of being let down, particularly if the day following is like the day before. This is because, beforehand, there is no anticipatory release of chemicals.

If I had spent considerable time preparing for, and looking forward to, this Christmas, I would now be very bummed. This is because today was a rather bleak day, and this is an understatement.


It was overcast when we got up, and more so when I went outside to take Tinni for a walk around the loop. I could feel a storm coming on. Between walking Tinni and Hrimmi, I went inside for lunch. The phone rang. It was our neighbor Karen, who came over last night for Christmas dinner. She told me that a dog got caught in a trapper snare near the Murphy Road turnoff.

At least, I thought, this bit of bad news was passed on by phone rather than by email. For this, I was grateful. At first, upon hearing this, I felt relief because our dogs weren’t involved. Then I began feeling angry. Why is it, I wondered, that this sort of thing is going on around here?

Karen, when I told her our area is growing, said that the whole Mat-Su Valley is growing. This is true. But right now, I’m most concerned about what’s going on here.

The mental image of a dog caught in a snare trap is truly horrific. No dog or owner deserves this. And I doubt that the trappers, if they hear of this, will feel any remorse because they feel they have the right to set traps.

And yes, this strikes close to home. Yesterday Pete was out on the trails, bicycling, and had Ryder with him. Our dogs don’t roam, but they do pick up and follow close scents. Well, what this means is that we won’t be taking them on the lower trails. This isn’t right or fair.

I was left, after this call, to continue thinking my bleak thoughts. It was quiet in the hood – I did mention to a neighbor, house-sitting, what had happened. He has a Karelian bear dog. Of course, he looked horrified. At least he will take what I said seriously to him.

As I walked, it began raining. The precipitation was, at first, barely discernable, but by the time Hrimmi and I were on the home stretch, it was a heavy drizzle. I cleaned the pen and put the animal’s late afternoon rations in their shelters.

I’m not worried about the goats, or chickens, or dogs – they’re all high and dry. But the horses, they are more out in the open. So I suspect that if the rain continues, I’ll have to put rain blankets on them tonight.

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