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December 23, 2021: Hope?

Is there such a thing as hope? Yes, there is hope, but is it real or is it an illusion? I used to believe it was an illusion. Now I’m not so sure. I would say that only humans hope for things, but this is not necessarily so. Our animals spend the better part of their day hoping to be fed, again, and again, and again. They eventually get what they want, and then after digesting their food, they resume hoping again for more.


Ryder and Shadow hope to go for a walk. Tinni, Raudi, Tyra, and Hrimmi hope to return home from a walk. Hrimmi hopes that she’ll get a treat if she touches a stopped vehicle with her nose. Tyra hopes that she’ll get the same if she touches my hand. The latter is the same with the goats. The chickens, they hope that it gets warmer. Since we have five of them, there is entirely too much condensation in their upper roost.

So we humans also are extremely anticipatory. We hope for this or that, and we are momentarily happy when we get it.

The one difference between animals and humans is that many humans believe that there is a higher power, which goes by the name of God, Allah, and Yahweh. We believe that our expressing our desires to this being will enable us to get what it is we want, whether it be for us, or for someone else. Wanting something for someone else also is something that animals are incapable of, or at least as far as I know. This is altruism, and no, animals are not altruistic.

I am on the fence as to whether or not there is a God. I have spent my entire life sitting on this fence, and the pickets are now hurting my butt. A friend said in passing that no, we don’t know if there is a God, that “it’s a mystery.” Believing that something may or may not be real works for him, but it does not work for me. I, who have both spiritual feet firmly on the ground, would like an answer one way or the other. I know that I’m not going to get this answer, not in this lifetime, and I’m okay with that.

But back to the concept of hope. It seems to me to be a good idea, as the Buddhists advocate, and live for the moment. This way, we bypass being scared, fretful, or worried. I’m all for this. However, I can’t help but hope for certain things, for instance that friends who are sick make a quick recovery. In such instances, for many, hope takes the form of prayer.

Since I do not really believe that there is a God, I do not pray. This would be hypocritical. Instead, I ask others to pray for who it is I’m concerned about. This is sort of like refusing to wear a watch and asking others for the time, for this too is a legitimate request. Yes, time’s fun when you’re having flies.

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