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December 20, 2021: Light and Dark

Yeah, it's dark out. But it’s snowing pretty hard here. Light and dark. Most likely, tomorrow the sun will come out and we will have to deal, plow, shovel, plow, shovel, slog, shovel, plow, slog, slog. I most dislike the slogging around. And it’s always a bit of a letdown, the snow fall ending and the work beginning.

I remember when I was a kid, growing up in Rochester, NY, storms coming in off Lake Ontario. It was called the “lake effect.” Lake Ontario, it was just a few miles away from where I lived. We’d get wind and snow, the combination being called blizzards. In the mornings, school

Alys cabin under snow

would get called off. The announcements would come in on the television. We’d usually just get one day off at a time. And by later afternoon, the sun would be out, meaning that the next day we’d have to resume our regular routine.

Same here, except for the fact we seldom get wind and snow at the same time. Usually, we just get wind.

I’d rather have this than have cold because the cold is harder on the animals. The animals all have sheds, and so if they choose, they can go outside and get snow covered, or stay inside and be dry. They all seem to have some common sense although the chickens have wet tail feathers. We think this is because of the steam coming out of/off of the supplement container full of hot water to keep them warm. So if they don’t dry off, we will bring them inside, put them in a crate, and I will put the electric heater in front of the crate. Pete helped me come up with this idea.

Today, mid-day, we went to town. It was when we left snowing lightly. In town, it was snowing a bit heavier, wet, heavy snow. We went to the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles with the bookcase and about six boxes of books. We set up the bookcase and put the books on the shelves in no time at all. When done, the set-up looked really good – I was pleased that we were able to do as requested and come up with a really nice bookcase.

By the time we finished, the snow was coming down even heavier. We continued on, and stocked the Borough building, Vagabond Blues, Turkey Red, Valley Hotel, and Sunrise Grill bookcases. We unloaded a fair number of boxes.

This was a good thing because I had again overstepped my bounds and made a larger book box footprint than I should have. Someone reminded me of this by clearing outgoing books from where I left them, (on the long table) and putting them at the far end of the room, on chairs.

I really don’t know what the weather will hold for tomorrow, could be snowy, could be sunny. But we will again go to town where I will sort books and others will clean them. Then I will be meeting Logan the videographer at 4 p.m. Then on Wednesday, I’ll be talking with Tracy at the Mat-Su Health Foundation about getting funding for The Video.

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