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December 18, 2021: Light Years

Where to begin? These days, usually at the day’s end. The days begin and end in the dark, in between, it’s light. It’s a sandwich of sorts. I get out and get done what needs to be done during a small, light-related window of opportunity.

There are people who work in buildings with no windows. Or their offices are windowless. They go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. I say, no amount of pay can compensate someone for having to live like this.

The sun didn’t shine today. It was overcast. But at least I was able to take note of this.

Got to the Meeting House, met with my friend Sarah. I had not seen her in some time. It was like the good old days, talking about horses and books, and books and horses. Next, Stephanie, the librarian at Colony High

School showed up with her ten-year-old daughter. I had not seen her in some time. We talked about horses and books, and books and horses.

Bill and Pete then arrived with a truckload of salvaged books. They unloaded, then Pete and I made a beeline for the leave a book take a book event at the Kombucha shop. There was a woman at the door. She was surprised to see that I had, in my arms, a box of books. I said to her, “here, these are a donation.” She then said to me “Oh, let me go through your box.” The thought that immediately came to mind was that I am, as far as books go, very reader aware, and that these books would go quickly. But no, I instead said, “Can’t wait, gotta go,” which was true, Pete was parked in the road. So she was left with a box of fine reads.

We were late for agility class, but it didn’t matter because so was everyone else. Just two in the class, Shadow and Pete, and Cody and Liam. I watched the four as the instructor put them through their paces. Amazing – the dogs were attuned to their owners and vice versa. Shadow has the making of a competitive agility champ.

When done, we drove back home, took care of the animals, then headed over to my friend Becky’s place. We followed a steep candlelit path to a fire ring, where Becky first talked about the importance of honoring the solstice, and then had us, respectively, toss pieces of paper upon which we had written what we wanted to add and banish from our lives. Then everyone chatted. I felt right at home amongst Becky’s friends. It was warmer, so my mukluks were damp and my feet cold. Had my feet been warmer, I would have enjoyed the ceremony a bit more.

We next walked back up the hill to Becky’s cabin, where we ate, talked, and played a game of jeopardy. Becky had ornaments hanging in her windows, and lights, lights everywhere.

I know in writing about this that I did not do the evening justice. It would have been easier to talk about this than attempt, on paper, to describe this solstice celebration.

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