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December 3, 2021: A Conversation with Ryder

Alys: Ryder, you and I don’t converse very much.
Ryder: True.
A: Why do you think this is?
R: You have a lot of animals here to tend to: five chickens, four horses, three goats, and two dogs.
A: Yes, but you are equally important to me.
R: I know this. I also know that you need to spend more time with some of your more attention deprived animals.
A: Who’s deprived?
R: None. But Shadow thinks that she is.
A: Why is this?
R: It’s the breed. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety.
A: Like Jenna?
R: Oh Jenna, I remember her. She had a rough upbringing. It was good for her to be here.

Alys and Ryder

A: But Shadow has not had a rough upbringing.
R: No, but Aussies will always lead you to believe that they have had a rough upbringing.
A: What can we do about this?
R: Just accept it as fact. The best thing you can do right now is get her outside as often as possible. Then she doesn’t have a care in the world.
A: And you?
R: I enjoy getting outside. I also enjoy being inside and taking long naps.
A: Do you dream?
R: Yes.
A: What do you dream about?
R: I dream about being out on the trail. It’s a lot less work than actually being out on the trail.
A: True. If you could have anything in the whole world, what would it be?
R: A bucket of cooked salmon skins.
A: That would make you sick.
R: But what a way to go.
A: We don’t want you to get sick, so you will get a few at a time.
R: Some is better than none.
A: You looking forward to this summer’s trip?
R: Oh yes. I hope we can go someplace where I can chase marmots.
A: You know, in the summer we can take you to Hatcher Pass and you can chase them there.
R: I would like that.
A: What do you think of Sassy, the new goat?
R: To be honest, I don’t know why you got her. She’s cute and very smart. But you didn’t need another goat.
A: No, I guess not.
R: The cold has been hard on all the goats.
A: Yes, I’m aware of this. But it’s going to warm up here in a few days.
R: And then it’s going to snow. I know this because I heard you tell Pete this, this morning.
A: You are right. What do you think about our getting another dog?
R: Bad idea. I’ve now gotten Shadow trained. I don’t want to train another dog.
A: I hear you. Do you still want us to get rid of her?
R: No. She is fun to have around.
A: You didn’t always think this way.
R: Puppies, they are a pain in the . . .
A: You were once a puppy.
R: But I was from the very beginning, quiet and obedient.
A: Right, one of a kind.
R: And yes, I am still one of a kind.
A: I won’t argue with that.

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