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November 29, 2021: A Conversation with Sastrugi

Alys: Sassy, how are you doing?
Sassy: Baaaaaaah.
A: Not well? How are you feeling?
S: Baaaah.
A: Yes, I know it’s been cold. And now it’s windy.
S: Baaaaaaaaah.
A: Well, this is typical winter weather. I know it’s not at all what you expected when you came into this world.
S: Baaah.
A: And I know that the weather was good before you got here.
S: Baah.
A: And I know that spending the nights alone is no fun at all.
S: Baaaah.
A: So you ask, why don’t I do something about this?
S: Baahh.
A: I can’t change the weather. And right now, I can’t afford to get you new herd mates.
S: Baaaaaah.
A: And I can’t get you temporary herd mates. Suzi isn’t up for this. She’d want us to purchase them. Plus, space here is limited; meaning, we are maxed out.

S: Baaaah.
A: Now that’s a thought. We could send you back to Cottonwood Creek and you could live out your days there. But there is one distinct disadvantage. You’d be a goat on the milk line. There would be no preferential treatment.
S: Baaaaaah.
A: And what do I mean by preferential treatment? I mean no treats, no hanging out with your buddy Tinni, no time to yourself. You’d be marching in lockstep.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: You don’t believe me? You should have a conversation with Swampy. She was a milk line goat at two different places. She got a glimpse of the other side and she didn’t like it.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaah Baaaaaaaaaaah Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: So you’ve already had a discussion about this with her.
S: Baaaah.
A: Well, I’m glad she told you that she likes being the only milk goat here.
S: Baaaah?
A: To be honest with you, I don’t know yet what our breeding plans are going to be. Suzi doesn’t want us to breed Swampy because her udder is not up to snuff conformationally. If we do decide not to breed her, we might instead breed you.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: Well, I’ll fill you in on the details of the who, what, where, and when of breeding when your special time comes closer.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: Yes, I promise. But you needn’t concern yourself about this now.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: No, winter won’t last forever. A few months from now it will be warm out. The leaves will again be on the trees. And there will be plenty of shrubbery for you to eat.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
A: You don’t believe me? Ask Ranger. He’s been around here a long time, and he’s lived through many harsh winters, some even harsher than the one we are experiencing now.
S: Baaaaaaaah.
A: You say Ranger isn’t talking to you? Why not?
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: He’ll warm up to you when he warms up.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: You say that you want more hay pellets? Here you go.
S: Baaah.
A: That’s all I have in my pockets. I’ll bring back more later, after I feed the horses.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaah.
A: Baaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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