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November 10, 2021: Up, up, and Away

The sun was shining brightly, although low in the sky as it always is this time of year. And it was cold, not nose numbing cold, but cold enough for me to wonder if this is going to be an unusually cold winter. Not a good prospect.

I did get Tinni and Shadow out on the trail, and they both enjoyed themselves. But because it was so cold, I didn’t get the other horses out, which is unusual for me. Instead, I worked on book project stuff, mainly doing my rounds (as I now call this activity).

Wood shed is filling up

I first went to Sutton, to the library, and dropped off do it yourself books for the boys’ group that meets on Thursday. I then had a lengthy talk with Carol, one of the librarians. Apparently, she is concerned because the other librarians have not been observing Covid protocols.

This just made me aware of how lax individuals are getting in this state – no wonder we are number one in the nation with the number of Covid cases. A shame, really, because reasonably intelligent people should be able to do better. If we’d all opted to wear masks the pandemic might be over by now. But no, it continues.

Next, I went to the Sutton Post Office and stocked the revolving book rack. Bill fills it frequently, but the books, they go fast. I then mailed some media rate books and then let Larry the post office guy regale me with stories of what he did to lazy colleagues. We also talked about Spike, and other slow P.O. workers at the Palmer Post office. I prefer to go to the Sutton Post office, this as opposed to the Palmer Post Office, because there is never any line or wait in the latter.

And next I went to town and placed books in the Kombucha, Borough, Vagabond Blues, Valley Hotel, and Turkey Red bookcases. The shelves were not as empty as I would like but no matter, when you have several, you don’t have to worry as much about parting them out.

And next, I loaded DGNPNY with more books and headed to the Trunk Road Country Store and Laundromat. There, I moved books onto the laundry table and waited for Pete to appear with the Mat-Su College surplus bookcase. In the meantime, I started to read a book by a flight attendant, and checked out the space. Oh oh, it did not appear to me that there was any space in this laundromat for a bookcase.

Pete arrived, and we agreed that the one empty space was most likely too small. Most likely. We went and looked at the bookcase and he made a measurement with a piece of nylon webbing he had on hand, and lo and behold, it indicated it would fit.

And it did fit. I happily filled it up and we left, at dusk. Just in the nick of time because I don’t feel comfortable driving after dark.

Tonight I made a call, fingers crossed, we might have a temporary space available, one that will allow us to store the school district books.

We continue to swim upstream, against the current, and amazingly, continue to make progress.

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