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November 7, 2021: The Eye of the Storm

Been getting colder. Every morning there is a light dusting of snow on the ground. It seems to melt in the afternoon then the next day reappear.

Walked Tinni and Hrimmi today, Tinni because he’s old and Hrimmi because it was late and I didn’t want her to sweat then later get cold. I also rode Raudi twice, once with Pete and Linda, a new Icelandic horse owner. Pete rode Tyra.

Alys and her chicken

As I was riding (as is often the case), I had time to think. The only other time I have time to think is at the dead of night. Today I thought a great deal about being at the eye of the storm. This, I realized, is a good thing because indeed, it puts me at center of the storm, a place of calm and certitude. When I am pulled toward the inner edges of the storm, I start to get anxious. So best that I stay as close to the center as possible.

There was one good thing about my having gotten Centered Riding training and this is that I know about the concept of being centered. I also have come to realize that the term centered isn’t exclusively related to horsey doings. In addition, it relates to all I do on a daily basis. It is so easy to get off center and so hard to get back on center.

So perhaps I should apply the analogy, being at the eye of the storm, to my relations with people and with animals. What would work best would be for me to picture is the storm gusting about me and see me in the middle. The swirls, they contain debris and detritus of all sorts. And, in relation to what we’re talking about, the amount just keeps growing.

I can’t say that what’s going on with the VCRS board and their supposed involvement with the Bright Lights Book Project doesn’t involve me, nor should I turn a blind eye to what’s going on. But I can and should remain detached from what’s going on.

Staying centered is the ideal. Sad to say, I will go off center if I’m told that the Bright Lights Book Project no longer has access to any of the recycling center books. I’d then have to take action and call upon community members to give me an assist in keeping things going. I of course hope that it doesn’t come to this.

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