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November 1, 2021: The Darkness Closes In

I suspect that if I went back and read the November 1 dispatches for the past 9 years, I’d see similarities. I’m not going to do this. I don’t go back and reread. I’m not sure why, but I’m most definitely not in the habit of doing this.

I suspect that what I noted, repeatedly, on this date is that the darkness is closing in and it’s going to be another four months before it’s this light again. Heck, we have a little over one-and-a-half months before the Solstice. And the solstice, really, is just an illusion because we don’t get enough noticeable light for another two months.

Alys and Hrimmi preparing to do the Halloween course

It must be awful to a genie in a bottle, waiting, waiting, waiting for the cork to be uncapped. Then after granting three wishes, the genie must go back into the bottle and wait for it to again be uncorked. So, yeah, things could be worse.

Things could be worse. This is what I am now repeatedly telling myself.

Things could be worse. The windshield wiper on DGNPNY stopped working a few days ago. It started flopping around like a fish out of water, then laid on the shore, apparently dead. I told Pete this and he said that we’d have to consider getting me a different vehicle.

I wondered what I was going to do about getting to town today if it rained. Pete, he got out there and he fixed the windshield wiper. It then worked better than it did before it broke.

Things could be worse. Swampy the Goat is now consistently giving three quarts of milk a day. It very well may be that she gives milk all winter.

Things could be worse. The trails are now free of vehicular traffic. Here and there are tire tracks, but they are sticking to the main trail up to the bench, that is the one that they ruined.

Things could be worse. My teeth aren’t hurting the way they were a few weeks before.

Things could be worse. The internet is working.

Things could be worse. Pete continues to do a good job of dealing with finances. He told me today that Amerigas is billing us for having come and taken their tank away. This happened after the Crowley Company came and put in a new tank.

Things could be worse. All the animals are healthy.

Things could be worse. It’s rainy and drizzly but not really cold. Hardly any snow, so no sign yet of the snowplow.

Things could be worse. No sign of any snowmobiles.

Things could be worse. The book project continues, with readers being grateful to get books.

Things could be worse. Hasn’t been any earthquake activity.

Things could be worse. I have plenty of reading material on hand.

Things could be worse. We have enough paper towels on hand, so if need be, I can blow my nose.

Things could be worse. Indeed. The dark cloud hovering above my head does seem to have a silver lining.

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