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January 3, 2021: Raudi’s State of the Barn Address Part II

Tyra told me that I messed up. My State of the Barn Address that I gave on January 1 was about the past year. I was to talk about what’s to come, this year. This is a really difficult thing to do because we horses aren’t very adept at seeing into the future; that is unless you are Tyra who is an exception to the equine rule.

I can only predict what’s to come, based on past events. So here goes:

This winter, Alys and Pete will keep getting us out, and perhaps do a few rides on the White Highway. There is also talk of hitching Hrimmi to the cart and doing a few rides. Tinni is enjoying being

Ryder and Shadow play tug

ponied off me, so Alys is going to continue to do this.

As I understand it, trip plans are up in the air. If we stay here, Pete has said he’d like to do some Alaska-based trips. Alys is holding fast to going to the Lower 48. She’s been talking about her and Pete being snow birds, which means going someplace warmer for the colder months and being here in the warmer months. To this I say, amen sister. I would love to do a series of lengthy trail rides in a warm place.

Alys has remained mum about breeding me. I fear this might not come to be. I’m not getting any younger.

Speaking of getting younger, Tinni thinks that he’s discovered the secret of life. The magic elixir consists of his supplemental rations plus a handful of hay pellets. Something is keeping him young and perhaps reversing the aging process. Yes, it may very well be those pellets.

This past year Alys and Pete did a fine job getting the hay into the barn in a timely fashion. I predict that they will do an equally fine job this year. Rumor has it that their hay dealer, John DePriest, may come and pay us all a visit. I hope so. It’s important, being on good terms with your hay dealer.

Pete and Alys have already scheduled the spring veterinary health check. It’s scheduled for May 13, 2021. We all enjoy the way Zach hangs out with our people and talks, Tinni especially. He says that Zach is kind and gentle and is always in awe of his good health.

Is the goat pregnant? I think not. Stormy knows that she has it good, and therefore she has not put any energy into becoming “with kid.” Me, I would like to be “with colt,” but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s nice having the dogs along with us on trail rides because they keep the area moose at the distance. Shadow rides Hrimmi and Tinni. I don’t particularly want her to be on my back.

Alys is going to try to do the liberty agility courses with us this year. Could be fun, just so long as there are treats on hand. Will work for food. That’s me.

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