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October 24, 2021: The Ponies have a Field Day

Alys: So did you all have a good day today?
Raudi: Swell.
Tyra: Just fine.
Hrimfara: Splendid.
Tinni: Superb.
A: Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voices?
H: What’s sarcasm?
Tyra: It’s when you say something but mean the opposite.
R: How do you know these things?
Tyra: We all know different things.
H: And we all know some of the same things.
A: I asked if you all had a good day because it was a bit unusual.
Tinni: I’ll say.
R: And I’ll agree.

Tinni and Raudi at the hitching post

A: Okay. So we had visitors, a mother and her two and a half year old daughter.
R: And you took the child for a ride on Tinni.
Tinni: She enjoyed herself, that is until I spooked.
Tyra: Why did you spook?
Tinni: I saw the ghost of a wolf. It hangs out near the pond down the road.
R: Ghost? How come I’ve never seen it?
H: Nor I.
Tyra: Nor I.
Tinni: Because you aren’t looking close enough. It’s there all right.
R: How long has it been there?
Tinni: A few weeks.
H: How come you spooked? You had a child on your back?
Tinni: It started me. It was standing on the edge of the road, and it had a cigarette between its fingers.
R: Now I’ve heard everything.
Tyra: Just one ghost?
Tinni: Just one ghost.
H: Must be lonely.
Tyra: Ghosts don’t get lonely.
R: How do you know this?
Tyra: Because they’re corporal beings.
H: Huh?
Tinni: A ghost is a ghost, and this one spooked me.
H: Even though you had seen it before?
Tinni: I am not going to repeat myself.
R: Nor am I. Let’s continue to talk about the day.
Tinni: So anyways, the mother carried the little girl who kept saying she wanted to ride the other horse.
Tyra: Meaning me.
Tinni: Yes you. Pete had taken you on an outing, and as he and the dogs left, she began to say (repeatedly) she wanted to ride the other horse.
Tyra: Meaning me.
Tinni: Okay, yes you.
A: And so we all kept going, and the child finally decided to continue the trek on Tyra.
Tinni: Pete and Tyra and the dogs came up behind us on Murphy Road.
A: And so it was decided that Shadow would ride on Tinni and the child would ride Tyra.
Tyra: That’s right.
Tinni: I can imagine that we were quite the sight, one Icelandic horse carrying a child and one carrying a dog.
A: Yes, you all were quite the sight. But I was so proud of my horses and dog.
R: Aren’t you always proud of us?
A: Yes, but even more so today.
H: Uhh huh, glad to hear it.
Tyra: How come Tinni and I didn’t get more hay when we got back?
A: Because you got additional packer pellets on your outing.
Tinni: If I walk on air tomorrow, can I get more hay and packer pellets?
A: Yes.
Tyra: Hoorah. Let the show go on.

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